Standing between breathtaking mountains on one side and the Pacific Ocean on another, Farglory is a prime luxury hotel in Hualien. It is a modern resort perfectly suited for business travellers, holidaying couples and families as well.

Farglory has gone to extreme lengths to provide guests with the most beautifully decorated rooms. There still remains a nostalgic feeling for the Victorian era, as if one was transported back in time.

There are many leisure and relaxation activities to choose from at Farglory. At Ricky Recreations guests will find activities suitable for the whole family, including a fitness centre, indoor, outdoor and water massage pools, a sauna with a steam room, and game rooms for children. Dining options vary from Oriental/Japanese to British cuisines, while the Shopping Avenue offers a memorable shopping experience with its carefully selected boutiques.

The Bella Spa features five unique aromatherapy rooms, from light blue with rosemary that symbolises freshness to pink with rose that symbolises love. Only the highest-quality products are used by experienced staff.

Surrounded by lush vegetation, Farglory has also created a small natural beauty of its own. The sculpture-filled, carefully preserved gardens – Poet's Garden and Four Seasons Garden – provide guests with a calming setting for evening walks, breathing unpolluted air and enjoying the breathtaking scenery of the mountains and the sea.

Join Taiwan's far glory experience at Farglory.