Escape on business to the sparkling Splendor Hotel situated near the Kaohsiung Harbour, which is the third largest port in Asia. Beauty meets commerce as not only is the hotel overlooking the shimmering harbour but it is also located on the furthest western side of the Pacific Rim meaning that it has a long and interesting history about delivering goods over sea.

The hotel is located in Kaohsiung’s 85 Sky Tower which is 85 floors high and is an impressive 367 meters tall. Construction started in 1994 and was finished in 1997. In 1997, this iconic building was the tallest in Taiwan and is now the ninth tallest in the world. The tower is conveniently situated by major attractions such as the Kaohsiung International Commercial Harbour, the Ocean Star, The Rueifeng Night Market and the Jhouzih Wetland.

The Diamond Ballroom at the 85 Sky Tower Hotel is one of the most elegant and stylish venues in Taiwan and can hold up to 1,500 people. It is a perfect place for a celebration, a birthday or even a wedding reception. For those looking to keep fit on their holiday, the health club offers a gymnasium, swimming pool and sauna as well as an aerobics centre with a lot of unique activities.

If you crave relaxation instead, then head Palace Club is renowned for being the finest health spa in Taiwan. Indulge your taste buds at Julian’s restaurant, which offers a range of international cuisine.