People are flying through the sky, above the Thames, above the ocean. A hand languidly skims the shimmering blue sea. Airborne humans touch down softly on the beach. A dolphin backflips in the background… This is the picture painted by a new video advertisement from Atlantis the Palm, a picture of walking-on-air wonderment. It’s a scene of wide smiles, family fun and sunkissed romance played out in the lap of beachfront luxury. An utterly uplifting soundtrack sets the mood perfectly as ‘another world’ unfolds. The cynic might reach for words like saccharine or even surreal in describing this video but we think it’s great – certainly an effective tonic, momentarily, to a grey Monday London afternoon.

Atlantis the Palm, Dubai is undoubtedly one of the city’s icons. More than just a landmark hotel; it serves almost as a spiritual gateway to the emirate, welcoming guests with that trademark middle-eastern hospitality. Sitting at the tip of the world famous palmtree-shaped island, artificially created in a stunning feat of engineering, Atlantis the palm conjures the kind of awe and fascination usually reserved for its eponymous lost city. Holidaying here is finding its way onto many a bucket list, with guests regarding the hotel as a beacon of holiday potential where your ‘imagination is the only limit.’ Watch this short video for a visual and ambient sense of one of the world’s most notable holiday resorts, and check into another world at Atlantis the Palm, Dubai.

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Since leaving a role in local broadcasting, Tom spent six seasons working on cruise ships before turning his experiences into a popular travel blog and pod cast. But it wasn’t long before wanderlust came calling again, and after travelling extensively throughout Asia and the Americas, the time has come for this roving writer to tell the tales of his adventures once more.

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