Mauritius: a seductively care-free holiday destination where travellers are more than happy to simply wile away their days basking in its glow, a glass of something cold and fruity to hand. However, don’t think this means there aren’t opportunities to stay active and really earn those cocktails. The superbly presented tourist development of Domaine de Bel Ombre provides all the sporting fun under the Mauritian sun.

With Le Domaine de Bel Ombre as your playground, as a guest at Heritage Avali Golf and Spa Resort or Heritage Le Telfair Golf & Spa Resort you can take part in a complete range of sports. From high-speed thrills to something more chilled, there’s something for everyone; be it on the waves, beneath them or back on terra firma.


Gain a new perspective

Starting on dry land, you’ll get a real taste of the wealth of ways to stay active. Mountain biking allows you to get off the beaten track and gain a wonderful new perspective on your surroundings. At the other end of the spectrum, why not partake in a spot of garden croquet? The gentle click of the balls evoke a quintessentially English scene, without the threat of rain! Domaine de bel Ombre’s golf and tennis facilities are ace while team players will love beach volleyball and football. Meanwhile, make fun your target with archery lessons or discover the many fascinating flora and fauna at the Frederica Nature Reserve, either on foot or quad-bike.

When holidaying on an island whose surrounding seas create such tranquil blue lagoons and thriving barrier reefs, you owe it to yourself to cause a splash. The water sports you can enjoy courtesy of Heritage Resorts on Le Domaine de Bel Ombre are guaranteed to awaken the adventurer in you. Kitesurfing, catamaran, diving (PADI), waterskiing, windsurfing, glass bottom boat riding and even big game fishing … take your pick!


Domaine de Bel Ombre provides great kitesurfing spots

Turning down the tempo slightly and moving indoors, you’ll discover a whole range of facilities, and relevant supervision, at your disposal. Indoor sports and activities such as aerobics, yoga, tai chi, table tennis, table football, billiards and badminton are all on offer.

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