Summer in the sun, sounds nice, right? Well barring a miracle or a dramatic shift in the earth’s axis we’re not going to get a sun-soaked summer in the UK anytime soon. Of course there are lands where this sort of thing is actually pretty common. Strange, mystical lands, where blue skies and summer sun are more than just a rumour.

One of these places is Dubai and one of Dubai’s finest hotels is the One & Only Mirage (see paragraph below for more information on this lovely hotel). And just for you (yes, we’re typing just for you) we’ve got an incredible offer that will send shivers up and down your spine until you lose the ability of speech. Helpfully this will pass and you can then ring one of our expert sales staff to book your trip and avail of the offer.

So here’s the deal:

Five nights
Bed and breakfast
Flights Included
From £849 per person

And make sure to book asap as this is a summer offer only.

One & Only Royal Mirage

For those not au fait with Dubai’s fanciest hotels. The One & Only Royal Mirage is a 5-star resort set across 65-acres of lush lawns and exquisite flower-beds. It offers three accommodation choices each more spectacular than the last, or at least as spectacular: The Palace, Arabian Court and Residence Spa.

For more on this stunning hotel, check out the Kenwood Travel website.

So book your all-inclusive Dubai holidays now and spend this summer in the sun, er, at least part of it anyway.

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