It’s well known that Kenwood Travel provides holidays to some of the most picturesque destinations on the planet. From beach side bliss to vibrant cities, you can go anywhere your imagination lets you when you book a getaway with us. Certain places however can be admired from a whole new perspective. Many of our destinations allow you to take to the skies and get a bird’s eye view of the beauty. Read on to discover which of our locations are best viewed from above.

Las Vegas

While Las Vegas holidays provide impressive views from the ground, getting high above the city with a helicopter tour is a unique experience. Looking down on such a monumental city can prove rather strange; it’s not often that you get to gaze upon huge hotels including Caesars Palace, Luxor and The Venetian from above. For a truly breathtaking view, consider going up at night when the neon lights of The Strip flash into life and illuminate the night. A night flight is the best way to get a sense of Las Vegas’ sprawling landscape. The lit up windows of houses stretch out for miles before finally fading out into the darkness of Nevada’s desert.


Get a bird’s eye view of The Strip when you take a Las Vegas helicopter tour

A short flight across state lines to Arizona will take you to the mighty Grand Canyon, probably the world’s most famous gorge. En route from Las Vegas you’ll also see other landmarks including Lake Mead and the imposing Hoover Dam. Some tours will land in the middle of the canyon where you can admire the red rock walls while enjoying a glass of champagne. Head over to our Las Vegas tours page and you’ll find a great variety of helicopter tours ranging from 15 minute short trips to four and half hour excursions.


Holidays to Dubai are punctuated by luxurious resorts and impressive high rise buildings. You can soar high above even the Burj Khalifa, which stands at more than 800 metres, when you take to the skies over Dubai. Atlantis, The Palm offers a comprehensive range of packages that will soon see you looking down across an entire Emirate. The Dubai Skyline Tour offered by the resort for instance takes you on a 15 minute trip across the sparkling Arabian Gulf to take in the sights of the city including The World Islands. An extended 25 minute long trip is also available which provides additional views across The Palm as well as a unique glimpse of the Emirates Golf Course and the Camel Race Track.


Dubai is even more incredible from the air

St. Lucia

We’ve seen how man made landscapes can be observed from the air, but what about helicopter tours that show off natural wonders? St. Lucia is an island of turquoise lakes, dense forest and of course the iconic peaks of the Pitons. Your pilot’s vast knowledge of the area will give you extra insight into the spectacular views while you fly over one of the Caribbean’s most desirable locations. Most of the tours will take you right up to the Pitons so you can gain an intimate view of the peaks. You’ll also fly over quaint bays and towns that permeate with that famously laid back Caribbean spirit.


Fly by the Pitons on during your St. Lucia escape

Of course, if you don’t feel like going quite so high up St. Lucia has plenty of zip line tours that will see you exploring and surveying the island from a fresh, if slightly lower, perspective.

As well as the three destinations here, Kenwood Travel offer a huge range of destinations that are perfect for helicopter tours including New York, Hong Kong and Borneo. So when you next book a holiday with us, why not take to the skies?

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