The avid viewers of Countryfile or Keeping Britain Safe are familiar with the BBC and ITV presenter Julia Bradbury – although she usually isn’t in the middle of a jungle. When she isn’t playing host to Britain’s country treasures and their keepers, she is a seasoned traveller with a gunnysack full of globetrotting expertise.

Julia Bradbury at Ladera

BBC and ITV presenter Julia Bradbury on Ladera Resort in St Lucia

Her latest destination brought the spotlight to a very special luxury hotel, the Ladera Resort on the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia. “Ladera is completely breathtaking. It is completely unique and I’ve done quite a lot of travel in my professional career; the environment is key.” She alludes to the locally-sourced building materials and connection to the resort’s surrounding nature.

Ladera Resort Gros Piton Suite

The Gros Piton Suite at Ladera Resort on St. Lucia with the signature open wall.

The irresistible appeal of the open-air hotel has captured her fascination: “At Ladera you have the magnificent views and the equally magnificent Paradise Ridge which is so utterly unique and luxurious. I’ve never seen anything like it!” An understandable reaction, considering that the UNESCO committee was equally smitten by the mesmerising Pitons, the two volcanic mountains rising from the azure Caribbean ocean, and included them in their catalogue of World Heritage Sites.

Ladera sunset

View of the sunset between the two Pitons from a suite at Ladera

The resort combines luxury with the raw beauty of the tropical forest right in front of their guests’ eyes. “Ladera is a must for the experiential traveller! Where else can you sleep in a world heritage site in the world – and view it from such an amazing resort? Your window opens as far as your eyes can see.”

Local carpenter

A local carpenter crafting the furniture from locally sourced materials at Ladera

Ladera Resort is a cocktail of exceptional ingredients that result in a refreshingly different approach to luxury hotels. The outstanding location is a great part of it, but nevertheless, it only reaches its full potential as a dream hideaway in combination with the resort’s amenities that root in the landscape. Its three-wall rooms open up to the wild nature sprawling at your very porch, while you enjoy your lush comfort.

Ladera Resort Two Bedroom Villa

The Two Bedroom Villa with swinging chairs above the private pool

“At Ladera, you can take a dip in your private pool which you share only with your partner and nature…order room service…it’s easy to remain in your villa for days and have no desire to leave. Oh and did I mention the service was so perfect? We had a butler who just knew what to do and everyone else made us feel so welcome.” Bradbury praises her experience highly.

High Dining at the Dasheene at Ladera

Delishious dishes of high dining at Ladera’s Dasheene Restaurant

The icing on the cake of tropical paradises is undoubtedly the dining experience offered at Ladera. Bradbury’s words draw a picture of invigorating spices, flamboyant dishes and a feast for the senses. “We went to Ladera’s restaurant; Dasheene and the food was fantastic. We had lobster salad, mahi mahi, tuna tartar, curried prawns and soursop sorbet. A large proportion of ones holiday is definitely the food – it can make or break your holiday. At brunch I was spoilt for choice; local fruits and vegetables, macaroni cheese, peas, plantains; truly authentic Caribbean food. Tell guests they must try the flourless chocoloate cake – I’m still trying to find the right words to describe it!”

Ladera's resident cook

Ladera’s cooks know how to transform the fresh produce and local delicacies

If these alluring tales are not enough, the visitors can pick from an array of activities to ascertain that their stay at Ladera is as unique and memorable as the place itself.

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