It’s official, it’s been revealed, they’ve found the best city in the world… haven’t you heard yet? It’s a city, but also a city-state, and it boasts a trademark policy that sounds a bit like a shampoo slogan: “one country, two systems.” Still no idea what we’re talking about?

It’s Hong Kong, AKA the Fragrant Harbour and the Pearl of Orient. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and BuzzData, a data-sharing company, Hong Kong wins in “liveability” – this is, optimum conditions for living.

EIU’s ranking, which comprises 140 cities, was made using criteria such as green spaces, cultural relevancy, infrastructures, pollution, stability, healthcare, urban sprawl and connections with other metropolis.

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And if you’d rather go to any other city with a high index of liveability, this is EIU’s top ten for 2012:

1. Hong Kong

2. Amsterdam

3. Osaka

4. Paris

5. Sydney

6. Stockholm

7. Berlin

8. Toronto

9. Munich

10. Tokyo

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