Rihanna has reportedly surprised her beloved 22-year-old brother Rorrey Fenty by buying him a luxury beachside house in Barbados. The Bajan superstar, 24, has also given him a nice wad of cash to help support his burgeoning hip hop career.

A source close to the story told the Daily Star: “Rihanna’s close to her brother, and she’ll do anything to help him out.

“She loves Rorrey to bits. She wanted to set him up with his own home with a sum of money in the bank. She just did it as a surprise when he was least expecting it.”

Rorrey goes by the rap pseudonym GQ, and in November 2011 released his debut single “Feel Me”. No doubt a collaboration will be on the cards. Perhaps a safer option than her decision to collaborate with ex-partner Chris Brown, which she’s currently defending rather publicly.

Rihanna is known in her homeland of Barbados to be the unequivocally generous type. She has undertaken a great deal of charitable work there, including donating to her former school and local church.

The “We Found Love” singer says she won’t tour this year, but has teased that she’s planning on a duet with Katy Perry. Instead she’s working on a blossoming acting career and a new album, saying she is looking forward to a new musical direction in an interview with Ryan Seacrest last week.

She said: “I’m excited about it. I have the sound already. So it’s just matter of execution.”

So it looks like she’ll be spending quite some time near her little brother over the next year. Keep your eyes open if you’re planning any holidays in Barbados!

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