A beautiful new property in Mauritius has allowed Outrigger Hotels to bring their unique brand of luxury tourism to the Indian Ocean. Here we take an exclusive look at why it’s destined to delight holiday makers.

Opening Party

“Outrigger is excited to be in Mauritius. We believe we can bring a special brand of hospitality where the culture, the employees and the place are valued and translate into a special experience for guests.”

These were the words of Outrigger Group’s president and CEO David Carey on the hotelier’s recent foray into the Indian Ocean with the unveiling of the new Outrigger Mauritius Resort & Spa. His excitement, it seems, was translated via a stunning display of fireworks and fanfare for the hotel’s opening party celebrations.


Quite a night

It was a bright and colourful evening, incorporating the vibrant Hawaiian aesthetic of the brand’s home with its adopted Mauritian culture, and marked a fitting milestone in the company’s 66 years of business. 350 VIP guests from Australia, China, France, the UK and South Africa attended the landmark night held on the 16th April, enjoying live music, mime artists, acrobats and some seriously sizzling gourmet cuisine. The fireworks continued over the moonlit ocean as revellers danced sans shoes on the sand.

Perhaps the evening’s most poignant moment came when Mr Carey presented a handcrafted ‘koa’ box to guest of honour Michael Sik Yuen, Mauritius minister for tourism. Mr Sik Yuen responded, telling guests of his pride at seeing Outrigger join the island’s other illustrious hotels. ‘There is no doubt that Outrigger will bring a new dimension to the tourism industry here,’ he said.

Outrigger Mauritius Resort and Spa constitutes the brand’s 46th property – either in operation or under development – across 11 countries. The Republic of Mauritius lies 1,200 miles off Africa’s southeast coast and the Outrigger group reckon their new all sea-view room beachfront escape will be one of the island’s crowning jewels. If the manner in which the fireworks lit up the night sky during the party is anything to go by, you’d have to believe them.

Brand History

In 1947 Roy and Estelle Kelley opened their first hotel, the Ala Moana, and took the first steps in creating one of the world’s most loved and well-respected hotel chains. In 1967 the first hotel bearing the Outrigger name opened in Waikiki Beach, Hawaii and thanks to an unwavering commitment to customer service guests soon came in their droves.

By the mid eighties Outrigger had become the biggest hotel chain in Hawaii cementing Roy Kelley’s reputation as the “Father of Hawaii’s Modern Tourism.” Since reaching this landmark Outrigger has never looked back.


Waikiki Beach – where it all began

Roy and Estelle’s legacy lives on in everything Outrigger does today. Outrigger Enterprises Group, which is still family owned, currently boasts 36 resort experiences, with more on the horizon, across 11 countries. At no point has Outrigger applied a blanket approach to its properties meaning that each one is aesthetically distinct while remaining loyal to the same core tenet that has existed since 1947: flawless attention to detail to ensure the best possible stay.

Outrigger Enterprises Group is proud of it its rich history forged through impeccable standards and would love for you to become a part of its story.

Unique Service

Outrigger Mauritius Resort & Spa stands out from the rest by offering an abundance of unique features that will take your holiday to new levels of luxury and comfort.

Firstly there’s the hospitality, Mauritius itself has a long history of open armed friendliness and Outrigger stays true to this tradition. Individuality is a quality that Outrigger embraces meaning you will be treated to a personalised service that will see all of your needs, no matter how big or small, met with enthusiasm and dedication.

When you decide to have some time to yourself the Kids’ Club will keep your little ones occupied via fully supervised activities. Babysitting services are also available as well as a programme for teenagers which allows them to hang out with kids their own age through various social events.


The personal touch

For the ultimate in luxury try the Plantation Club Experience. Within this former colonial house you can sit back and enjoy unparalleled service around a private pool with gardens. There is also a large balcony overlooking picturesque sugarcane fields and impressive mountain ranges. At night the Plantation Club becomes a decadent a la carte restaurant serving Mauritian delicacies.

These incredible features are not the only things to make Outrigger Mauritius so special. The fantastic deals on offer to both family groups and honeymooners as well as the nourishing Navasana spa and unrivalled beachfront location are guaranteed to make your holiday even more magical.

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