There are few things better in the world than enjoying fabulous company, an alcoholic beverage and being surrounded by friends, loved ones and some truly excellent cultural events. Oh, and sunshine, lots and lots of sunshine.  The UK is not short of festivals, cultural events, or green spaces where people like to get drunk. What is does lack, however, is some guaranteed sunshine. So, if you want to enjoy all the splendour of a festival without the mud, wind and occasional monsoon-like downpour then why not book a holiday to the Caribbean? We’ll throw in the sunshine for free.

So, here’s what is on offer festival wise in the terrific tropical tropic of the Caribbean.

Anquilla Summer Festival – Antiquilla

Date : Start of August

Usually held on the first Monday of August, the “Sumfest” is a wondrous mix of  Carnival and music.  There’s costumed parades, the perennially popular crowning of the Caribbean king and queen and a whole heap of indigenous Caribbean music. During the day much of the action is centered around the increasingly popular boat races.

Crop Over Festival – Barbados

Date : May – August

The “Sweetest Summer Festival” as its website likes to call it. Crop Over is a long-held Barbadian tradition which celebrates the island’s history with a positive deluge of distinctly Bajan events. There are heritgae tours, arts exhibitions and a whole host of music related parties. The tradition began way back in 1688 and has matured into one of the biggest festivals in the whole of the Caribbean.

Fiesta de Santiago de Apóstol in Loiza Aldea – Puerto Rico

Date : Late July

If the Irish have taught us anything it’s that there is no better way to celebrate your country’s patron saint than by hosting a giant party in his honour and getting quite drunk. The people of Puerto Rico are no different. Every July 25, the town of Loiza Aldea hosts a giant celebration in honour of Santiago de Apostol which includes street parties, open air concerts and many a colourful parade.

Caribbean Chess Festival – Trinidad and Tobago

Date : August 2 – August 5

OK, hear us out on this one. Here at Kenwood Travel we’re all about plurality of events. Sure, you get your Carnival on at a variety of events in the Caribbean. You can shake to the sounds of soca, calypso and spouge while doing nothing more mental taxing than re-filling your glass.  Relaxing in the sunshine is not for everyone though. Some of us get a bit restless and want a more cerebral challenge. For those people, the Caribbean Chess Festival is perfect. As long as they enjoy chess.

Of course, all this is just a small tip of a trace of what the Caribbean has on offer. With sweet music, parades, exhibitions and even some magnificently challenging chess games, the area truly has something for everyone.

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