Since 2001, recycling has increased by over 26% in the UK. People are increasingly aware of how they dispose of their waste and our need as a nation to protect the environment we live in. This awareness is spreading further afield to our foreign holidays, as top hotels balance eco-living with stronger emphasis on environmentally-friendly practices, introducing new and varied ways to look after their local area. Many resorts have been able to strike the perfect balance for the eco-conscious traveller, without compromising on luxury. With premium service and hospitality remaining at the forefront of these resorts, you’re guaranteed a dream holiday. Kenwood Travel have carefully selected some of the best hotels that have incorporated this aspect into their philosophy, so read on to discover more about the luxury eco-friendly hotels and brands we offer.

1. Spice Island Beach Resort

This family-run boutique hotel in the Isle of Spice, Grenada, is a stunning resort boasting unpretentious luxury and authentic Caribbean hospitality. Their aim is to co-exist alongside nature and preserve the surrounding areas. Plenty of environmental practices have been put in place to keep consumption and waste to a minimum. Trees are planted in order to neutralise the carbon emissions from the hotel while community clean-ups allow the neighbouring areas to remain clean and attractive. The hotel even has its own herb garden, and solar panels to generate electricity, as well as a  large focus on educating employees about conservation and waste management.

shayna_eco_spice island

Relax with a clear conscience at Spice Island Beach Resort.

2. Heritance Ahungalla

Jet off on an Indian Ocean holiday and add a bit of sparkle to your Sri Lankan holiday with five-star luxury and world-class service. Environmentally friendly tourism has been at the forefront of the hotel’s ethos and with specially designed architecture to maximise natural light, the hotel has ensured that no electric daytime lights are required. They have also maintained a strong philosophy to reduce waste and increase recycling. Even the staff have an active involvement to ensure the surrounding ocean is kept as clear from waste as possible to guarantee that your holiday will be as blissful as you imagined.

3. Song Saa Private Island

The crystal blue waters of the Gulf of Thailand are home to Song Saa Private Island. This unspoilt paradise is a haven for those looking for a romantic setting in which to spend their holiday. Being Cambodia’s first luxury island resort, the hotel aims to maintain and preserve all things natural. The water used is carefully treated so that no waste is released into the environment and the old, unused fishing boats are upcycled into construction materials and furniture in the hotel. As well as this, an intern programme is in place to support pioneering research into marine conservation around the island.

shayna blog song saa

Sustainable living and secluded luxury, suspended above the Gulf of Thailand.

4. Six Senses Resorts

Six Senses resorts can be found in places of breathtaking natural beauty across the world. A range of practices are carefully put in place to ensure that environmental impacts remain low. Building materials come from sustainable sources while suitable methods are employed to make sure that endangered species on land and water are carefully protected. Each resort undertakes their own eco-friendly programme and over the years, new and innovative ideas have proven to be successful in keeping with the brand ethos. Yao Noi in Thailand plant trees to attract wildlife and have put in place methods to ensure water and waste are managed properly. Laamu in Maldives favour the use of energy conservation, and their villas are carefully designed to remain cool to reduce the use of air-conditioning. Providing guests with re-usable glass water bottles is a fantastic way to prevent plastic waste. Ninh Van Bay in Vietnam has partnered with two marine biologists to work on the protection of the environment. Even with stringent measures to conserve resources, there is no compromise on quality and luxury, so you won’t be disappointed.

5. Movenpick resorts

Movenpick hotels and resorts have always endeavoured to focus on responsible practices, and their partner Green Globe have provided them with certification for sustainability. Some Movenpick hotels provide wooden key cards to reduce PVC use while others invite their employees to learn and share their knowledge on ways to reduce the hotel’s carbon footprint. Their resort in the dead sea works towards better waste and chemical management, and solar powered electric cars are used around the resort. In Jordan, Movenpick Resort and Spa Tala Bay installed solar panels to address the problem of electricity, and waste water from the pools and jacuzzis is used for irrigation.


Even small details like wooden key cards help in the fight against eco-complacency.

With so many environmentally-friendly partners in our portfolio, a Kenwood Travel resort the ideal place to holiday the eco-friendly way, without any compromise on luxury and comfort.

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