Marriott Niagara Falls

4* out of 5 stars

With accommodation such as this, within a stone's throw of Niagara Falls, you’ll feel like you can almost reach out and touch the waters as they plunge in a tumultuous cascade over the brink of these iconic falls. Marriott Niagara Falls offers guests a truly impressive experience with rooms overlooking what must surely be one of the most spectacular views from any hotel window in the world. Guests can take advantage of the regular tours and boat trips to the falls offered from close by, but there are also a host of other attractions on hand to keep you entertained too.

Enjoy waters of a more placid and relaxing kind with the hotel’s fantastic swimming pool, alternatively, in nice weather you can lounge on the sundeck. Perhaps you’ll choose to indulge yourself in the sauna or experience true relaxation in the hotel spa. There is also an excellent games arcade to amuse you as well as a great range of convenient and inviting boutique shops for you to peruse at your leisure. However you spend your stay here, there is plenty on offer to make sure you enjoy it to the full.