Bermuda Holidays

Your arrival at tropical seclusion

Surrounded by miles of endless blue sea, Bermuda's secluded location makes for a restful holiday hideaway. The island's modest size means getting around is easy, not that you’ll necessarily want to leave the comfort of your resort; Bermuda's stunning beachfront hotels are renowned for their tasteful style and select brand of luxury.

Bermuda Holidays

In a certain sense, a Bermuda holiday is the ultimate way to ‘escape from it all’. Bermuda is an island over 1,000 kilometres from any other landmass yet only a seven-hour direct flight from the Gatwick. If you prefer your clear blue skies and empty horizons to be truly limitless, there is no finer place to holiday. Paradoxically, the relatively small landmass means that Bermuda has few open green spaces outside of its nine golf courses. Not that the rich and famous who call Bermuda home have any privacy concerns here. The hotels on the island ape the high-class homes of the local population, with resorts which promise to pamper you and which offer an exclusive holiday feel.

Luxury Holidays to Bermuda

Holidays to Bermuda aren’t all about the island’s plentiful natural beauty though. Shopping thrives in Hamilton (the Bermudian capital) and the island’s towns are packed with restaurants offering a wide range of Bermudian and British themed dishes. Walkers and explorers will also be well served by the island’s colonial history. Saint George’s (the Northernmost island) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site filled with brightly painted houses, narrow streets and old buildings dating back through four hundred years of history. The island also plays host to several forts in and around this old port town.

10 Great Reasons to Holiday in Bermuda

  • Bermuda Day Festival in May, a feast for the senses
  • The Newport Bermuda Race is definitely worth checking out in case you're on the island in June
  • The Annual Bermuda International Sand Sculpture Competition
  • The Bermuda Music Festival
  • Visit the Botanical Garden and see some of the most exotic plants
  • Bermuda is a golfer's paradise
  • The mere mass of high-quality cafes, bars, restaurants and clubs is astonishing
  • You simply must try a 'Dark 'n Stormy', Bermuda's iconic national cocktail
  • Horseshoe Beach, one of the most stunning beaches in the world
  • The friendly people

Things to Do on a Bermuda Holiday

The climate also emphasises the pleasant and relaxing atmosphere that you'll experience on a trip to this enchanting island. However, the story of a Bermuda Holiday unfolds well outside of the tropical sun of the Caribbean. Thankfully, the gulf stream ensures a humid subtropical climate with mild winters and warm (but not uncomfortable) summers. This also means beaches and waters that are as good as anything the Caribbean can offer. These pink sands are perfect for sunbathing or for a comfortable stroll. The island’s isolated location and favourable climate have led to a unique selection of flora and fauna. Several species of tree, shrub and other flora are unique to the island and migratory birds arrive in their thousands to take their own holidays in Bermuda.

Interesting Facts about Bermuda

  • Area – 20 sq miles
  • Population – 68,000
  • Capital – Hamilton
  • Official Languages – English
  • Currency –Bermudian Dollar (BMD)
  • Time Zone – UTC-4

Bermuda Holidays 2024 / 2025

Choosing from the many fantastic destinations in the Caribbean is no simple task. Kenwood Travel, with over 40 years of experience, are proud to offer a wide range of hotels and resorts for your luxury holidays to Bermuda in 2024 & 2025. Contact us by telephone and we can offer specific advice to give you the holiday experience of a lifetime!

Top Picks

Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa

5* out of 5 stars

With four private beaches and many coves ideally fit for swimming, this resort is perfect for water enthusiasts. Cambridge Beaches is perfect for families with its multi-room suites and ample activities.

Grotto Bay Beach Resort & Spa

4* out of 5 stars

Whether it’s a family holiday or a more relaxed escape you’re after, this resort manages to deliver on all fronts.  With a plethora of activities to choose from as well as the extensive beachside setting there is something for everyone here


Useful information

  • Local time GMT (-4)
  • Currency Bermuda Dollar & US Dollar
  • Language English
  • Location British Island Territory in North Atlantic Ocean
  • Flying time 7 hours & 30 minutes

Destination map


Things to do

Crystal & Fantasy Caves

Crystal & Fantasy Caves

Go deep underground if you dare and reap the rewards of an astouding natural phenomenon unfolding before your eyes. The Crystal & Fantasy Caves are a network of subterranean lakes and caverns punctuated by impressive stalagtites and stalagmites.

Take a guided tour into this underground world and discover the caves as well as the 55-foot deep lake. Learn about the geological formation of this unique attraction and even brave the pontoon floating on the lake.

Horseshoe Bay Beach

Horseshoe Bay Beach

Named after its curved shape, Horseshoe Bay Beach is one of Bermuda's most renowned, popular beaches. The pink sands and turquoise waters are delight for photographers, swimmers, and sunbathers alike. Not to be missed on your holiday to Bermuda.

The dramatic rock formations around the beach itself have hidden caves and concealed coves simply perfect for exploring. Otherwise the water invites visitors for a number of special activities. Round off your trip with casual lunch or a cocktail at the beach bar.

Port Royal Golf Course

Port Royal Golf Course

Boasting more golf courses per square mile than any other country in the entire world, Bermuda is the place to be if you want to golf on your getaway. Tee off at the prestigious Port Royal Golf Course, for example.

Once home to PGA Grand Slam of Golf, this club now hosts the Bermuda Championship each year. Featuring 18 oceanfront holes and gorgeous, gently sloping greens, this is the place to be for golf enthusiasts of all abilities.