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Things to do in Barbados

Things to do in Barbados

There are a positive plethora of things to do on your Barbados holiday. You can sit, stand and even lie down if you want and for the true thrill seekers among you, there are a variety of sounds to hear and objects to see. If all of that still isn't enough for you, you can always do some of the following.

Barbados Beaches

Barbados has a few nice beaches. In fact, they’re almost as nice as England's, though not quite as sun-soaked. The sandy shores of Barbados’ west coast are the calmest and also the quietest. Then there's the livelier waves of the south coast which is thus frequented by more sporting sorts of fans...and tourists, lots and lots of tourists. If you decide to wander east, you've got more wind- blown beaches while the north is perhaps the least welcoming for the sun-bather featuring, as it does, sandstone cliffs rising a hundred feet or so above sea level.

Mullins Beach in the west and Miami Beach in the south are two of the islands finest sand-powdered locations.

Watersports in Barbados

Barbados has the two things necessary for watersports; water and people. It does offer a bit more than that however, in fact it's something of a water- soaked playground for those who don't crave the secure feeling of having solid earth beneath their feet. You can go kayaking, windsurfing or on a range of boat trips but the real plus of a Barbados holiday are the island’s magnificent diving locations. The likes of Carlisle Bay, Pamir and Friars Crag are all ideal for exploration by budding Costeau's, offering old wrecks, tropical fish and flourishing coral reefs to satisfy everyone from the amateur to the more experienced diver.

Museums of Barbados

Barbados is not all about the beaches, there’s also some damn fine culture to be enjoyed too, especially if you like dead US presidents, old maps and sugar.
George Washington House, which once hosted the former president, remains the only place outside of the US the old war hero ever visited. The Barbados Museum contains artefacts, and rare historical maps while the National Heros Gallery has some stuff about the third oldest parliament in the Commonwealth. The Sugar Museum is also worth a visit if you're into sugar and history.

Barbados Nightlife

Once you've had your fill of the beaches, the water and the archaic maps, there's only one thing to do on your Barbados holiday and that's lie down, you’ve earned it. Once you've finished being vertical get yourself down to St Lawrence Gap where you'll find the principal party population of Barbados.
You’ll also find McBrides Irish pub which definitely features alcohol, After Dark which has contemporary R&B and the Reggae Lounge which plays heavy metal and probably some Jimmy Cliff, now and then.

If you do decide that the Gap just isn't enough for you, you can always hit up the west coast of the island which features a host of excellent late night events and not a single rap related shot out. Most of the area's best offerings are served up in Holetown.

So, that's Barbados in a nutshell, or more accurately a number of sentences and paragraphs. Of course, the only way to find out your own favourite spot is to go to the island yourself, or live vicariously through your friends and travel guides, forever. It's up to you.

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