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Cayman Islands Holidays

To the south of Cuba and due northwest of Jamaica, the Cayman Islands are more than just a tax-haven for high flyers. Tranquil lagoons, nature reserves and hidden beaches join designer shopping, elegant fine dining and vibrant nightlife on a long list of things to see and do in and around this tropical locale.


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Cayman Islands Holidays

The Cayman Islands are renowned for being a tax-haven for the rich. Cayman Islands holidays on the other hand present a much more compelling side to an often overlooked nation. The Cayman Islands are situated south of Cubaand northwest of Jamaica. The main island is Grand Cayman, where the vast majority of the population live and where the hotels and tourist facilities are based. The west of the island is dominated by a large, reef protected shallow lagoon called the ‘North Sound’, home to fantastic marine life and filled with extraordinary clear waters.

This western side of the island is the most developed with an airport, several marinas and the capital, George town. This is also where  nightlife, shopping and eating out is best. However, the eastern side of the island is a clear  contrast, with several nature reserves and many largely unexplored streets and beaches. For this reason, holidays to the Cayman Islands can robustly cater to those who prefer the full luxury holiday experience, and those who prefer to build their holiday experiences themselves. Cayman Islands can therefore offer both a vibrant and extravagent experience as well as a peaceful, off the beaten track feel. 

Luxury Holidays to the Cayman Islands

It would be a shame to confine your holidays to the Cayman Islands to Grand Cayman. Though around 80 miles northeast of the capital island, the small, secluded islands of Cayman Brac and Little Cayman are an important part of the Cayman island experience. With only a handful of hotels and places to drink, it’s possible to enjoy a slower pace of life as you visit.

Those who tire of lounging around on the quiet, sunsoaked sands of these islands may wish to explore the turquoise waves and enjoy some of the Caribbean’s best diving. Among the 50 dive sites around Little Cayman is Bloody Bay Wall, a 1,000 foot drop off bursting with marine life which is clearly visible in the crystal Caribbean waters.

Interesting Facts About the Cayman Islands

  • Area – 102 sq miles
  • Population – 54,000
  • Capital – George Town
  • Official Languages – English
  • Currency – Cayman Islands Dollar (KYD)
  • Time Zone – UTC-5
  • January – Taste of Cayman Food & Wine Festival
  • April or May – Batabano Festival
  • June – Flowers Sea Swim
  • November – Pirates Week

Important Events in the Cayman Islands

With both the natural beauty and spectacular resorts on offer, choose Kenwood Travel’s holidays to the Cayman Islands 2017 to experience this spectacular and underappreciated nation.

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