North Africa Cruises

Discover magnificent monuments and rich Red Sea waters

Vibrant coral reefs and bright waters surround a country of rich cultures and history. Dive into the waters to witness the vast palette of colours or roam the cities in search of marvellous cultural experiences. Renowned monuments and historical sites, some of humanity’s oldest history, and so much more, await on your cruise to North Africa.

Handcrafted Cruise Packages

Explora Journeys Cruises

9 nights A Journey to Stars of Casablanca & the Coast

  • 13 Oct 2024 - 25 Oct 2024
  • 9 Nights Explora II
  • 3 Nights in Barcelona
  • Fly Cruise

12 nights including British Airways flights from £4,175 per person

Explora Journeys Cruises

6 nights A Journey from Italian Piazzas to Tunisian Souks

  • 27 Sep 2024 - 06 Oct 2024
  • 6 Nights Explora II
  • 3 Nights in Rome
  • Fly Cruise

9 nights including British Airways flights from £3,084 per person

Up to $2,000 per suite shipboard credit

10 nights Spain & Moroccan Gems

  • 10 Oct 2024 - 20 Oct 2024
  • 10 Nights Seabourn Ovation
  • Flights included

10 nights including flights from £6,099 per person

Helpful Tips to Know Before You Go

  • The North Africa cruise season tends to run from October through May, with December and January often being most popular. If you cruise outside of this window, lengthier repositioning cruises will be available.
  • Respect the modesty standards for the North African countries you visit. Ladies are expected to cover up in many places, and especially in mosques and other religious areas, it’s a good plan to bring covering clothing.
  • Warm weather means suncream and sunhats; bring a good reef-safe suncream to preserve the delicate ecosystems of the Red Sea.
  • Some sights can only be seen inland. If you're eager to visit these, consider incorporating a river cruise into your itinerary. Excellent options for this include the Nile River, which will take you inland to witness many marvels difficult to see from the coast.
  • Currencies vary across North African countries, and many have a kind of tipping culture called ‘baksheesh’ – this can involve giving small amounts of money even to people who have not performed work for you, as a sort of charity. This is quite an integral part of the culture in countries such as Egypt, and you should come prepared with change to give baksheesh.

Things to Do

  • Visit magnificent landmarks. From the Hassan II Mosque in Morocco to the Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa in Alexandria, there are world-famous wonders to witness in your North Africa cruise. In Egypt, if you have enough time in port, you can even take an excursion inland to Cairo to visit the Giza Pyramids.
  • Sample delicious foods. Many North African countries and cultures have iconic and delicious traditional dishes and cuisine, with everything from street food to fine dining available to tempt your tastes.
  • Explore a fantastic underwater world. Much of North Africa’s coast falls within the Red Sea, an expanse of rich coral reefs alive with a tapestry of fish and marine animals. These waters are one of the best places on Earth for snorkelling and scuba diving.
  • Discover beautiful cities. Marvel at Moroccan architecture, haggle for stunning local wares at souk markets, stroll through old towns and see the marks of history along every road and alley. Visit museums to learn about the history, culture and arts of the region.
  • Enjoy the beach and the waters. Many fantastic beaches await on your North Africa cruise, with great sunbathing weather and excellent conditions for a variety of watersports.

Why Book With Kenwood Travel

At Kenwood Travel, we’re dedicated to helping you plan the perfect cruise to North Africa. Whether you’re excited to immerse yourself in history and culture or submerge yourself in the Red Sea waters, we’re ready to help, providing aid and advice with everything from picking your itinerary to arranging flights. We’ll take care of all the little details so that you don’t have to, leaving you free to enjoy your unforgettable North Africa cruise holiday. Remember that your cruise with us is ATOL and ABTA protected for your peace of mind, and our decades of experience ensure that we’ll have the best local knowledge and the best prices for your voyage.

Ports of Call & Places to Explore



In Moroccan ports like Casablanca, you’ll discover breathtaking desert scenery, sumptuous local flavours, and incredible landmarks. Visit the Hassan II Mosque, the second largest mosque on the continent, or take a trip into the desert to marvel at the natural beauty. Browse through an array of souk markets to barter for beautiful wares or wander the halls of the many art galleries and museums on offer.



A dream for culture and history lovers alike, when you call at Egypt, you’ll be stepping into a region with some of the oldest recorded history on Earth. At Alexandria, witness Egypt’s doorway to the Mediterranean, with sites like the Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa or the Montazah Palace providing incredible sightseeing opportunities. Discover history at museums and landmarks, then settle in to enjoy local cuisine.



Call at La Goulette, the port of Tunis to discover one of the most vibrant medinas of the Arab world. Wander through winding alleys and souks, appreciating the signature architecture of the region, or marvelling at the 16th century fortress of the port itself. Explore the old quarter, abound with palaces and mosques, or visit the Bardo National Museum – one of the most important museums of the Mediterranean, with an enormous collection of Roman mosaics.

Red Sea

Red Sea

The Red Sea borders much of North Africa’s continent, a warm and rich ocean rife with wonders. The many ports you can call at within its waters offer an abundance of excellent beaches, and most renowned of all: the underwater experiences. With vibrant and colourful coral reefs inhabited by an incredible array of fish and other marine animals, this is a diver’s paradise, and snorkellers can swim for hours without running out of incredible new things to see.

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