10 Nights New Zealand Celebrity Cruises


  • Day 1

    Your official welcome to New Zealand comes by way of a bustling harbor. Step ashore and into a surprisingly cosmopolitan environment. And once you venture inland, even more surprises await, including a total of 48 dormant volcanoes, a lush, leafy urban cityscape filled with beautiful parks, and a number of renowned art galleries.

  • Day 2

    Known as the Bay of Plenty, Tauranga is located at the entrance to one of the largest natural harbors in New Zealand. You can take a ride on a bush jet boat, go white-water rafting on the Rangitaiki River, or dine on the freshest fish and chips you’ll ever taste, served al fresco. If you’re looking for a more exotic counter, travel to the Mount Mauganui Hot Salt Water Pools.

  • Day 3

    Arguably one of the prettiest cities in New Zealand, with elegant art deco architecture, captivating beaches and award-wining vineyards.

  • Day 4

    Picton has developed a reputation in recent years. It’s the doorway to New Zealand’s South Island used by locals and international travelers alike to get to the islands and resorts of the Marlborough Sounds, an interconnected stretch of beautiful landscape. The surrounding area is famous for its wineries, so you can enjoy vineyard tours and tastings while stopped on Picton cruises. Picton is a hidden gem for international travelers. Beautiful scenery in the Marlborough Sounds and views of the New Zealand countryside make the area particularly memorable for first-time visitors. On the waterfront, explore Pollard Park for a leisurely stroll, or stop at EcoWorld Aquarium to see rescued and protected species during a tour of the wildlife rehabilitation center. On your New Zealand cruise, you’ll be endlessly surprised by its foodie and café scene, outdoor adventures like hiking and kayaking, and beautiful water and mountain views.

  • Day 5

    New Zealand's "Garden City," featuring numerous parks and gardens as well as Victorian architecture, avenues and squares.

  • Day 6
    Dunedin, New Zealand

    Dunedin is a city in New Zealand, at the head of Otago Harbour on the South Island’s southeast coast. It's known for its Scottish and Maori heritage, Victorian and Edwardian architecture, and a large student population. Hiking and cycling trails crisscross the dramatic landscape of the adjoining Otago Peninsula, home to colonies of albatross, sea lions and rare yellow-eyed penguins.

  • Day 7
    Dusky Sound

    Steep cliffs that have been carved over centuries by dozens of waterfalls surround the largest and most complex of the many fjords along the New Zealand coast, Dusky Sound. It's also a wildlife paradise, with seals and dolphins patrolling the water, and birds like broad billed prions, mottled petrels and sooty shearwaters floating on the overhead thermals.

  • Day 7
    Doubtful Sound

    As cold mountain water cascades from the cliffs above Doubtful Sound, it creates an unusual phenomenon-a dual-layered marine ecosystem of fresh and saltwater. This serves as a playground for a number of species, including fur seals and two types of penguins - the fiordland crested and blue penguin.

  • Day 7
    Milford Sound

    As we sail into the narrow fjords of the Milford Sound, even your massive ship seems to shrink in comparison to the towering cliffs topped by lush mountain terrain. Situated within Fiordland National Park, this natural wonder is part of the Te Wahipounamu World Heritage Site and is protected by its natural geography, which makes it a haven for all types of wildlife.

  • Day 8
    At sea
  • Day 9
    At sea
  • Day 10
    Sydney, Australia

    Considered one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the Southern Hemisphere, Sydney offers just about anything—from beaches and wineries to stunning landmarks and world-class shopping. Tour architectural marvels like the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge, view life below the surface from Sydney Aquarium’s underwater walkways, or take it all in from above on a tour of the Sydney Tower.

  • Day 11
    Sydney, Australia

    Considered one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the Southern Hemisphere, Sydney offers just about anything—from beaches and wineries to stunning landmarks and world-class shopping. Tour architectural marvels like the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge, view life below the surface from Sydney Aquarium’s underwater walkways, or take it all in from above on a tour of the Sydney Tower.

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Onboard Activities

Resort Deck

Resort Deck

At the Resort Deck, you’ll find endless ways to be entertained while enjoying the outdoors and connecting with the sea. Celebrated architect Tom Wright worked his magic on a variety of spaces on the Resort Deck to create a venue unlike any other.

The Rooftop Garden is a living playscape designed to awaken the inner-child in all of us. During the day, drift away to the rhythm of live musical performances∘ or sip a cocktail as you as you gaze out over the open∘ ocean. At night, experience A Taste of Film, an interactive fusion of food and film that will excite your palate and your imagination. See a live outdoor concert, curl up and enjoy our Rooftop Garden Cinema Series, or gaze up at the sea of stars above you at our Beyond the Edge Astronomy Series.

With oversized art installations including unique treetop sculptures; two 2-storey hot tubs; and 165-square-feet by 18-feet-high private Cabanas, The Pool Deck is a spectacular asymmetrical space with a distinct resort-style atmosphere. Situated alongside the 25-yard lap pool is the Pool Bar. A serene spot to relax, sip your favourite cocktail and take in your stunning surroundings.

The Magic Carpet

The Magic Carpet

When it comes to extraordinary venues, Celebrity has the edge.

The highlight of their outward-facing vision is the Magic Carpet. The size of a tennis court, and reaching∘ heights of 13 storeys above sea level, it is the world’s first cantilevered, floating platform. Majestically situated on the starboard side of Celebrity Edge, it is designed with comfortable∘ seating, a full bar, and space for live music performances – so it truly is a destination itself. This spectacular space opens to several decks and transforms into a new and exciting venue depending on where it’s positioned.

Celebrity Cruises invite you to soar over the open ocean while you dine, drink, or simply relax.

Pool Deck

Pool Deck

Soak up the sunshine on The Retreat Sun Deck, our chic, spacious outdoor area with stylish furniture, a full-sized pool, a hot tub and dedicated Pool Butlers – a private paradise aboard a floating paradise. Or head for the shade of The Retreat Lounge, available 24/7 and located just off The Retreat∘ Sun Deck. Guests have access to a concierge who can make any arrangements – on board or off.

The Theatre

The Theatre

Blurring the lines between audience and performance.

The Theatre is a truly contemporary space designed to blur the line between audience and performance and immerse you in entertainment like never before. With four stage areas, three moving backdrops, rotating spiral staircases, 16 synchronised projectors, and a duodirectional rotating platform that raises almost seven feet above the stage, The Theatre will take performances to a whole new level - literally.

The productions in The Theatre will wow audiences of all ages. From the edgy experiences produced by the Black Skull Creative∘ group to the whimsical productions of Three In One Entertainment consultants - be prepared to leave disbelief at the door. You will be mesmerised with cast shows like no others at sea.

The Club

The Club

The Club. A dynamic, progressive space that changes its persona from morning to… well, early the next morning.

During the day, think of The Club as a gathering space - hone your creativity during Art Hour or game it up during the Rec Room series, with Laser Maze, Drone Hunting and Racing, Retro Gaming, and interactive∘ game shows. In the evening, The Club transforms into a place where talk shows, game shows, live music performances∘ and DJs reign supreme. Pull up a seat at the bar and relax or jump into the action.

At night, The Club transforms into a place of discovery and imagination. The nightlife here is full of innovative and engaging moments you’ll be talking about for days. One night in The Club will have you ready to come back for more.



Eden is a mind-blowing venue designed to entertain you by indulging every one of your senses in an atmosphere that changes from chillful mornings to playful afternoons to sinful evenings. It’s a fusion that creates a delightfully unexpected array of immersive experiences.

With a multi-level architectural design it’s unlike anything at sea. Layer in a lively, open air kitchen, and menus that deliver sensory and experiential dishes served by performance artists we call Edenists. Blend in entertainment∘ produced by Variety Worldwide, a leader in fusing non-traditional theater with nightlife and dining such as Queen of the Night and Kazino. You’ll see, a visit to Eden∘ will awaken every sense.

Every day in Eden, there are new views to get lost in. New tastes to savor. New sounds to move you. New aromas to breath in. And new ways to feel the indulgences offered. No matter what time of day or night, every visit to Eden will leave you intrigued and wanting more.

The Retreat® Lounge

The Retreat® Lounge

The Retreat® Lounge, designed by Kelly Hoppen, MBE, is available 24/7 and inside you’ll discover a warm and inviting space. Here, you’ll have access to an exclusive concierge who’ll make any arrangements you need—on board or off. You’ll also enjoy complimentary beverages, gourmet bites, and a comfortable place to read the latest best-seller, catch up on current events, watch the big game, or just kick your feet up and relax.

Bars & Lounges

Bars & Lounges

So many mouth-watering restaurant choices need bars and lounges to match. Onboard Celebrity Edge we have a diverse range of eleven bars and lounges to suit every taste.

Café al Bacio | Eden | The Club | Martini Bar | The Sunset Bar | The Pool Bar

Il Secondo Bacio | The Casino Bar | The Theatre Bar

The Retreat Lounge | The Retreat Pool Bar

The Grand Plaza

The Grand Plaza

The Grand Plaza, a majestic, open, three-storey venue onboard our brand new ship Celebrity Edge. Inspired by the piazzas of Italy and the invigorating energy of everyone coming together to savour a taste of the good life. Home to our incredible∘ speciality restaurants, featured on different levels of the plaza - along with our popular Martini Bar, Café al Bacio, and the new Grand Plaza Café - the Grand Plaza is the ultimate gathering place on Celebrity Edge.

Located at the heart of the ship, The Grand Plaza has an energy that draws everyone to it morning, noon, and night. When you first enter The Grand Plaza, the sheer size of it will surprise you - three decks open up to create an airy space that you might find in a cosmopolitan city - it's like nothing else at sea. Your eyes will immediately be drawn to The Chandelier, a striking lighting feature that rises up over the Martini Bar∘ to ceiling three decks above. It's as much an art installation as it is a chandelier.

The Grand Plaza is a transformational place that offers a different experience every time you visit. From day to night, the lighting changes from warm and inviting to bright and dramatic. Throughout the day and evening, you'll discover ever-changing entertainment, including live music and spontaneous∘ performances that change the mood from one moment to the next. And, just like the best piazzas of Europe, you'll find fashionable kiosks with carefully curated items that offer exactly what you're looking for - from a stylish pair of sunglasses to a trendy tote bag.

In the morning, The Grand Plaza is an inviting and relaxing gathering spot perfect for a cappuccino, a croissant, and a cozy seat to begin the day. In the afternoon, after a day of exploring the world outside, come back for a special afternoon tea or a pre-dinner cocktail and notice the energy here has changed, there's a buzz in the air that hints at the excitement ahead. After nightfall, The Grand Plaza becomes the social epicenter of the ship, alive with laughter and live music. 

Martini Bar

Martini Bar

Our popular Martini Bar - always an attention-seeker on any of our ships - is now the focal point of the entire Grand Plaza. The Chandelier, a breathtaking chandelier-meets-art-installation immediately draws your eye from anywhere in the space. Below its atmospheric glow, the bar curves gracefully∘ around to invite conversation and interaction with our talented flair bar tenders who'll impress you with their gravity-defying skills.

Choose from a wide variety of tantalising libations, including our Bella Cera that blends Chameleon cachaça, Bombay Sapphire gin, lime juice, Angostura bitters, and ginger beer. Or try the Marmalade Smash that fuses Bulleit bourbon, lemon juice, simple syrup, orange marmalade, and fresh ginger. Pull up a chair and raise a glass.