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Take a holiday to Egypt in North Africa and experience something truly unique. A large country with two coastlines, to the north is the Mediterranean Sea and to the east is the Red Sea. It is a land of contrasts from arid desert to fertile delta and from ancient pyramids and temples to modern cities and twenty-first-century holiday resorts sporting five-star luxury hotels. Egypt is a wonderful holiday destination offering such a variety of holiday experiences to the traveller. 

Luxury Holidays in Egypt 

Cairo’s chaos whirrs around a medieval core that has remained unchanged since the founding days of Islam. Upriver, Luxor, the site of ancient Thebes, is lined with warrens of opulent burial chambers and boasts some of the most formidable monuments in all antiquity. Further south at Aswan, even more geometrically imposing temples write a testament to the power of archaic gods and omnipotent pharaohs. It is here that the Nile is best explored by ancient sail, on a felucca (Egyptian sailing boat) at the hands of the prevailing currents and winds. 

Great Reasons to Holiday in Egypt 

  • The evidence of ancient civilizations is everywhere, in the towns and cities, in the deserts and even at the coast. The sheer magnificence of the pyramids and temples is overwhelming.
  • The land that gave birth to the first great civilisation needs little introduction. The pyramids, the minarets, the Nile – the scope of Egypt is magnificent. Visitors are surprised to discover that those legendary pyramids are merely the tip of the archaeological iceberg. Pharaonic nations, ancient Greeks, Romans, Christians and Arab dynasties have all played their part in fashioning Egypt’s embarrassment of architectural wealth.
  • The Red Sea coast resorts with their backdrop of cinnamon coloured mountains and their clear blue sea are a snorkeler’s paradise as the waters are filled with a huge variety of tropical fish and beautiful corals. Numerous water-sporting opportunities are available.
  • Because there are so many things to see, many people choose to take a Nile cruise which gives them a taste of both the ancient and the modern.
  • Egypt holidays have always been popular because of the great weather, fantastic beaches and amazing history.
  • Egypt is a land of diversity with 5,000 years of history, the spectacular River Nile and beautiful clear waters and superb holiday resorts along the Red Sea coast in the holiday resorts of Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada. 

Things to do while in Egypt 

Out west, Egypt’s ocean of sand stretches infinitely to the Sahara, with a handful of oases feeding solitary islands of green. Hivelike, medieval fortresses cower out here, interspersed with bubbling springs and ghostly rock formations. Meanwhile, the deep, crystal waters of the Red Sea lie brilliantly awash in coral, surrounded by an aquatic frenzy of underwater life. In the deserts of Sinai’s interior, visitors can climb the mount where God had word with Moses, and spend their remaining days in halcyon bliss at coastal Dahab’s backpacker Shangri-La.

Egypt, the land of the Pharaohs, is unique. No where else on earth can you find the wealth of antiquities, the pyramids and the vast temples and monuments. Added to this, the Red Sea Riviera provides miles of sandy beaches, clear blue water, beautiful coral reefs, wide ranging water sport facilities and hotels that pamper to the nth degree. With Nile cruises, camel rides, jeep safaris, hot air balloons and numerous other pursuits, Egypt draws many tourists to its shores. 


Egypt has a Mediterranean coastline to the north and on the east borders the Red Sea which is a popular scuba diving destination. Most of the country is desert, part of the vast Sahara that dominates North Africa. As a result, most of the population resides in the coastal regions and in the fertile Nile valley. The months of June, July and August are generally the hottest and December to January is classed as winter, though it’s never cold in the sense that we are used to in most of Europe. The country experiences very low rainfall with any rain sticking to the winter months. 

Egypt Holidays 2017

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