Iceland Holidays

Volcanoes, glaciers & ultimate Scandi style

This north Atlantic island continues to turn heads and top bucket lists with its spellbinding scenery, historic culture and Insta-friendly restaurants. Be among the first to witness its charms with a Kenwood Travel holiday, hand-selected by the our expert team of Europe specialists.

Luxury Holidays to Iceland

Land of legend and lore, of lyrical landscapes and frozen wilds, Iceland is emerging as world travel’s latest holiday pin up. Rugged, dramatic, endlessly atmospheric; there’s little wonder this northern Atlantic island appears on so many Instagram accounts, travel journals and bucket lists. For endless days in the summer months and the chance to witness the epic Northern Lights (Arora Borealis) – one of planet earth’s most jaw-dropping natural phenomena – set sail for Iceland on a luxury package with Kenwood Travel, the Europe holiday experts.

For all the bracing outdoor scenery that tempts nature lovers, bird watchers and ice skaters, exhilarating days out call for cosy nights in. Look no further than Kenwood’s expertly hand-selected luxury hotels in Iceland. Each of our Icelandic abodes has been road-tested by the destination specialists here at Kenwood Travel, and come complete with flights as part of our award-winning fly-and-stay package deals.

Five Reasons to Holiday in Iceland

  • The scenery – Snow-covered volcanoes, giant glaciers, vast valleys, awesome waterfalls, mudflats and geysers; all with a crisp, blue-skied backdrop. Breathtaking is an understatement.
  • The lagoons – Not the turquoise lagoons of Maldives fame, but equally as refreshing (and even warmer in temperature), Iceland’s geothermal lagoons, or geysers, draw wellness seekers to their healing waters.
  • The people – They’re famously friendly and warm-hearted, and will welcome you with open arms. Folk here appreciate tourists more than most places; we say embrace it, as they embrace your choice to visit their amazing country.
  • The culture – From the age-old Viking sagas to Nobel Prize winners, Iceland has long been a hotbed of arts, science and culture. Today, live music and handicrafts celebrate Iceland life, accompanied by lots of lacavore food and lashings of good ale, of course.
  • The coordinates – Reykjavik is the world’s most northerly capital city. Just to say you’ve been there is reason enough to holiday in Iceland, right?

Things to see & Do on Holiday in Iceland

There are over 30 active volcanoes in Iceland, so seeing the scenic heavyweights should feature on every holiday to-do list. Further afield, head to the Westfjords for shimmering lakes and towering screes.

The Ice Caves make an eerily exciting spectacle too; great for those looking to walk in the footsteps of real Icelandic huldufólk (hidden people). Meanwhile, Iceland’s natural splendour is showcased spectacularly at the Vatnajökull and Snæfellsjökull national parks. For urban cool, foodie dining, galleries and interior spaces from the forefront of contemporary design, a day trip to Reykjavik is required (if you’re not already staying there, of course).

But away from the modern and the contemporary, there are centuries of history to uncover. The Vikings came here over a thousand years ago, and there indelible mark lives on in ancient carvings and sacred sites. And you can experience life as a Norseman yourself at a Viking battle or market, recreated by the Rimmugýgur reenactment society.

The Weather in Iceland

The clue’s in the name. There are warmer destinations in Kenwood’s global holiday portfolio, but what Iceland lacks in year-round sun, it more than makes up for in scenic drama. Iceland’s climate is subarctic, but despite its latitude south of the Arctic Circle, its island setting in the North Atlantic Current actually makes the weather more temperate than you might expect. Summer highs of 25C are not unheard of. That said, winter can drop to zero in the south and -10C in the highlands.

Interesting Facts about Iceland

  • Area: 39,680 square miles
  • Population: 355,620
  • Time Zone: UTC+0
  • Patron Saint: Saint Thorlak

Iceland Holidays 2024 / 2025

It’s one of world travel’s most popular emerging holiday destinations, so booking in advance is a good idea. Booking now for next year (and the year after that in some cases, thanks to our guaranteed pricing), gets you the dates the you want for price you’ll love. Add to that all the expertise and personalised service you need to bring the art of escape to your Iceland holiday, courtesy of our dedicated destination specialists here at Kenwood. Call the team today on 020 7749 7260.

Special offers


Hilton Reykjavik Nordica

4.5* out of 5 stars

Ideal for families, couples and business travellers, this centrally-located hotel hosts a spa, fitness centre and Scandinavian restaurant.

5 nights Bed and Breakfast including Easy Jet flights from £592 per person


Canopy by Hilton Reykjavik City Centre

4* out of 5 stars

This centrally-located hotel is an ideal base to explore the best bits of Reykjavik and offers a 24-hour fitness centre and a delicious restaurant.

5 nights Bed and Breakfast including Easy Jet flights from £839 per person


Alda Hotel

4* out of 5 stars

This centrally-located hotel in Reykjavik is in close proximity to the city's main attractions and offers a world-class restaurant and bar.

5 nights Bed and Breakfast including Easy Jet flights from £642 per person


Useful information

  • Local time (GMT)
  • Currency Icelandic Krona
  • Language Icelandic
  • Location Europe
  • Flying time 3 hours & 10 minutes

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