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Talk about traditional. A holiday to Chengdu will take you to a city over 2400 years old.  But if a little history isn't your thing, maybe knowing that Chengdu is the home of the Giant Panda is. Let Kenwood Travel do the work, and you’ll be able to see them in their natural habitat.

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Discover the capital of the Sichuan Province with a holiday to Chengdu. The history of this majestic city can be traced back 2,400 years, hence the rich historical and cultural heritage of the city. Additionally, this is the home of the cutest creatures of them all: the giant panda bear.

Luxury Chengdu Holidays

Let Kenwood Travel help you to find the luxury hotel you deserve for your holiday in Chengdu. We have an ample catalogue of premium resorts for you to choose from. Discover the Heavenly State or Tian Fu Zhi Guo, with our great holiday packages to China.

Great Reasons to Holiday in Chengdu

  • See panda bears in their natural habitat
  • Visit the world's largest stone Buddha
  • Sample an ultra-spicy Sichuan hotpot
  • Taste authentic Chengdu tea
  • Visit the Mao Museum
  • Meditate at one of the many monasteries of Chengdu
  • World-class shopping

Things to Do Whilst on Holiday in Chengdu

A visit to the Wenshu Monastery will take you to the prominent site of worship in the city, a perfect place to relax and find your inner peace. The Green Ram Temple is another architectural gem, and it's the oldest Taoist shrine temple in the province. If you want to achieve fortune and health, you shouldn't leave the building without stroking the bronze goat!

But a holiday to Chengdu doesn't have to be just about ancient traditions and temples. Head to Tianfu Square and feel the pulse of this vibrant city in the so-called Changdu's Times Square.

A trip to China wouldn't be complete without sampling traditional cuisine. Jinli Ancient Street, in the old part of Chengdu, features plenty of affordable street food stalls. Moreover, this is the area to go for restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

Chengdu Weather

Chengdu has subtropical climate, and is predominately mild and humid. There is abundant rainfall all year round, but neither summers or winters have extreme temperatures. In fact, the area is renowned for its favourable climate, which makes it one of China's most important regions for agriculture.

Interesting Facts About Chengdu

  • Chengdu is also known as “City of Hibiscus,” since it is surrounded by hibiscus plantations
  • Chengdu's cuisine is famous for being spicy
  • Some of the local specialities are Chen's Tofu, Hot Pot and Dan Dan Mien
  • Silk brocade, cotton, wool and satin are traditionally made in Changdu

Chengdu Holidays 2016

When booking your Chengdu holidays with Kenwood Travel you will benefit from over 30 years of experience in finding luxury package holidays. Whatever holiday you’re looking for we cater for it - from bespoke luxury all-inclusive holidays to weddings and honeymoons. Just give us a call and let Kenwood Travel take care of every little detail.

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