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Osaka is one of Japan’s most up and coming tourist destinations, and with it’s vibrant atmosphere and jocular, blunt citizens, this city has an entirely different feeling to it’s flashy counterpart on the East coast, and it’s more historical neighbour in the South. This city is busy by day and buzzing by night; here you will be at no shortage for things to see and do.

Perhaps what Osaka is most well known for is it’s culinary delights. Known as the ‘Tenka no Daidokoro’, or ‘the nation’s kitchen’ during the Edo period when produce was shipped all over Japan, modern day Osaka lives up to it’s name by playing host to an incredible array of restaurants and fast-food (in the Japanese sense) joints. Try Takoyaki (octopus dumplings) and Okonomyaki (an unusually tasty cabbage-pancake) to do things in true Osakan style, or spend an evening at one of the many high-end Japanese restaurants and, to quote the Osakan tongue, ‘kuidaore’ – eat oneself bankrupt.

During the day here in Osaka there is plenty to keep you busy, with museums, a Universal Studios theme park, and some fantastic shopping opportunities. Head to the Dotombori/Shinsaibashi shopping district for the latest trends, or for a real insight into old Japan, visit the covered shopping street at Sumiyoshi Taisha station to see how the locals hustle for a bargain.

But it is when the sun goes down that this city really lights up. Visit what the locals refer to as a ‘gaijin bar’ to find like-minded tourists and English-speaking Osakans, or if you are feeling really adventurous you could pop into one of the many locals bars or pubs and learn some Japanese in order to order. Namba is the main nightlife district, with a whole array of bars and clubs open until ambiguous-o’clock-in-the-morning, whereas trendy Umeda is good for live music, karaoke, and video game centres.

With its somewhat less than straight-laced nature, Osaka is a must-see, and makes the perfect accompaniment to a cultural trip around Japan. Book a tour with Kenwood Travel and we will ensure that you see the best that this lively city has to offer.

Classic Osaka - Day Tour
Full Day Tour from £165 per person

From the mighty Osaka Castle to the hustle and bustle of Dotonbori, this tour will see you uncover the magic of one of Japan’s most iconic cities.

North to South Tour
Full day tour from £169 per person

Follow a dot-to-dot trail through this city, stopping at some of its most popular historical and modern sites. You can even learn how to become a Samurai, with your very own swordsmaster!
Osaka Bay Explorer
Half day tour from £129 per person

The Osaka Bay area is full of attractions for you to visit including the Tempozan Harbor Village and the famous Osaka Aquarium, one of biggest in the world
Theatre and Samurai Experience
Half day tour from £145 per person

Explore two of Japan's most interesting historical traditions, with a visit behind the scenes of a Noh theatre, and a lesson on how to become a Samurai Warrior.
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