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The Philippines is a richly inspiring country. Diverse and vibrant with ruggedly scenic uplands and paradisaical beaches, it makes for a memorable and rewarding holiday destination. Having undergone colonization by various countries over the years, including Spain in the 16th century (hence its name, derived from erstwhile ruler King Philip ll), it now possesses a proud, independent spirit that harks back to its traditional agricultural beginnings. Its story has also been one of various religious influences that have shaped a unique cultural legacy.

Today this can be glimpsed in the ancient temples and monuments to the faiths that have taken root in the country. There is much to say and annuls to be read about this beguiling landscape, but only one to way truly experience it. Take a tour. We’ve taken the liberty of handpicking some fantastic half-day and multi-night trips that will leave you spellbound. Take a look, and book today. 

Manila City Tours Manila City Tours
Half Day Tour from £48 per person

This tour is the best way of taking in the massive wealth of historical, religious and geographical wonders of Manila in just a few hours.

Cebu Heritage Day Tour Cebu Heritage Day Tour
Half Day Tour from £51 per person

Visit the oldest city in the Philippines and learn about its rich cultural heritage with this short but action-packed half-day tour

Fascinating Bohol Day Tour Fascinating Bohol Day Tour
Day excursion from £59 per person

Discover the island of Bohol, the majestic Chocolate Hills, and meet the world's smallest primate - the tarsier. 

Northern Roundtrip Tour Northern Roundtrip Tour
4 Nights from £839 per person

Embark in this comprehensive tour to Northern Philippines, which includes highlights such as the Banaue Rice Terraces, a Unesco World Heritage Area.

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