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SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida, is made from four key ingredients: rides, shows, exhibitions and exclusive park experiences - all combined in an extensive water park which offers something for everyone.

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The Rides

There’s plenty of excitement to be had at SeaWorld. Try the roller coaster, flume-ride hybrid, Journey to Atlantis for starters. Or if you feel more adventurous, take a seat on Kraken, ranked as one of the best in the world. It truly is a wonder of construction, towering high above and reaching far and wide upon a huge plot of land inside SeaWorld.

Another amazingly daring ride is Manta, which mimics the glide of a giant ray - only here you’re gliding through the air, instead of water, at rapid speed.

As you would expect, SeaWorld also offers gentler adventures for the young ones. In fact, there’s a huge collection of rides for children called Kidsiderate. Rides where the little ones will find the Wild Arctic Ride flight simulator and Shamu’s Happy Harbor, which is a mini theme park just for kids. You’ll also encounter the Net Climb, the Shamu Express children's roller coaster, Jazzy Jellies and its spinning teacups, the milder Swishy Fishies, the Ocean Commotion rocking boat and the Sea Carousel – alongside several arcades and a myriad of games to enjoy.

The Shows

For a little entertainment why not see A’Lure: The Call of the Ocean, and witness an epic story and performance as aerial tumblers and acrobats dazzle through their gravity-defying manoeuvres.

The famous allure of the sea has mythical beginnings from the legendary siren song - ensnaring mariners from the beginning of time. Warning: Don’t get caught by their melodic and absorbing tunes!

There’s also the Blue Horizons' dolphin performance, the famous One Ocean killer whale show, and an animal show entitled Pets Ahoy.

The Exhibitions

The exhibits at SeaWorld aren’t ordinary educational experiences in the slightest bit. At Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin, you’ll walk with penguins in their own world on an unimaginable adventure.

Watch dolphins at Dolphin Cove, mantas at the Manta Aquarium, seals at Pacific Point Preserve and sharks at Shark Encounter. For a high-tech alternative, don't miss the 3D world of TurtleTrek.

Each exhibit at this unique theme park is as entertaining as it is educational; a tall order that SeaWorld delivers with ease.

Exclusive Park Experiences

Lastly, SeaWorld brings you exclusive experiences to round out your holiday. Check out how it all works in the Behind-the-Scenes Tour. Get to know the very sociable and friendly beluga whale with the Beluga Interaction Program or stroke dolphins on the Dolphins Up-Close Tour.

You can even see what it’s like to work at SeaWorld with the Marine Mammal Keeper Experience. Finally, if you are loopy about sea lions, join up with the Sea Lions Up-Close Tour.

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