Dive Sites
North Male Atoll - Banana Reef | Kudu Haa
South Male Atoll - Cocoa Corner | Guraidhoo Corner
Ari Atoll - Brocken Rock | Kudarah Thila
Addu Atoll - Turtle Point | British Loyalty Wreck
Marine Life
Oriental Sweetlip Avg = 6in | Parrot Fish Avg = 2f
Human Avg = 5ft 6in | Zebra Shark Avg = 7ft 5in
Manta Ray Avg = 22ft | Whale Shark Avg = 40ft
Did you know...
SCUBA - Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. By the early twentieth century, two basic templates for scuba had emerged; open-circuit scuba where the diver's exhaust is vented directly into the water, and closed-circuit scuba where the diver's unused oxygen is filtered from the carbon dioxide and recirculated.
Wise words...
“...the single most revelatory three minutes was the first time I put on scuba gear and dived on a coral reef.” - David Attenborough
Allow you to swim using only your powerful leg muscles
Monitors your depth and time underwater to keep you
within established limits
Allows you to see clearly and lets you breathe under the surface of the water
Dive Watch
Used to measure your diving time with a water resistance greater than 10atm
Dive Suite
Protects from cuts and scrapes and retains heat so
you stay comfortable
Used to take pictures of your adventures to share with your family and friends
Diving Torch
Used to look into cracks and crevices, and for diving at night time
Diving Knife
A handy tool as well as an important safety device. Aka blade, cutters & zip knife
Made from aluminium or steel alloy & can hold pressures of 200 bar
Get attention from other divers or the dive boat from a distance
January to April are considered the best months for diving. May and June can have unstable weather, and storms and cloudy days are common until September. October and November tend to have clearer weather, but visibility can be slightly reduced because of abundant plankton in the water. December can have rough, windy weather and rain.
  Sources Wikipedia, Divernet, Padi.com  
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