Few places in the world can stimulate the senses like Saint Lucia. A paradise in every way,this tropical isle nestles in the Eastern Caribbean chain of islands. Romantic, sophisticated, indulgent and exotic, Saint Lucia captures the curiosity and leads you into every adventure you ever dreamed of.

Nature lovers will be in awe of Saint Lucia’s natural beauty, the power of which is the source of much of its wonder, like the towering Pitons,lush rainforest dotted with waterfalls, the Sulphur Springs, stunning black sanded beaches and endless coral reefs beneath the waves.

For the holiday purists, there’s plenty of white sand beach too, most of which are directly accessible from your resort. Lounge with a cocktail or perhaps take to the balmy Caribbean Sea by kayak or Hobie Cat.

And it isn’t just palm trees, pearly sands and emerald bays. Saint Lucia’s arts, music and gourmet cuisine is world-class, and events like the famous Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival attract enthusiasts the world over to its shores.

Make time to experience every side of Saint Lucia. The restaurants, boutique shops and vibrant bars of the north starkly contrast the natural spectacle of the south.

Elevate your experiences in Saint Lucia, a paradise scene that heightens the senses and lifts the soul.
Whether hiking around Gros Piton or diving the reefs of its underwater gardens, Saint Lucia is a sumptuous feast for the eyes. You will gaze in awe at the iconic Pitons - 300,000-year-old domes of rock, as well as the undulating, rainforest-clad hills of the inner island or the perfect white-sanded beaches that fringe its paradisal shores.

The tropical rainforest teems with unique wildlife, and a popular viewpoint is from Saint Lucia’s famous ziplines. See the spectacular jungle from the top down as you fly across its canopy.
How does one define the scent of Saint Lucia? Well, take your pick. Perhaps it is that salty Caribbean Sea air that feels so clean and fresh as you hasten to replace the city dirt. Or maybe it’s the smell of seafood so fresh it practically jumped from the sea to the barbecue on the beach.

There is another distinctive waft should you venture to the ‘drive-in volcano’. It’s here in the centre of Saint Lucia’s caldera you find the Sulphur Springs. Famously therapeutic, the smell, however, does take getting some used to!
With beach barbecues serving freshly caught seafood in the south, the air is filled with mouthwatering aromas. Head north, however, and you find the Saint Lucia’s more sophisticated side, where fine dining does not begin to describe the achievements of many local and international chefs resident here.

Gourmet aside, Saint Lucia also boasts particularly good taste when it comes to fashion and shopping. Castries is awash with boutique designers setting up shop around quaint marinas, plus a state-of-the-art mall at Bay Walk.
Saint Lucia is music to the ears from the lively bird calls within the rainforest, the soothing waves lapping the shore, the calming clangs of boat masts moored in the marinas to the hum of fisherman and motorboats setting out for the day.

But there’s another sweet Saint Lucian sound – jazz music. The Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival is world-famous, attracting the finest plethora of players on the planet from Jazz to R’n’B, Reggae, Soca and Calypso, and its island-wide performances always ensure that an incomparable backdrop is centre stage.
After a dip in balmy, turquoise waters - clear as day and bathwater-warm - you fall back into your luxurious sun-lounger as fine white sand slips through your toes. Saint Lucia has that sought-after feel of the Caribbean in spades, if you’ll excuse the pun. But Saint Lucia also boasts its own unique, personal touch. And we don’t just mean that of the expert masseuses resident here in the world’s finest spas.

In Saint Lucia, you feel the bubble of a natural mudpool or a showering rainforest waterfall feeding a hidden lagoon. What’s more, you always feel welcome.
General Manager at East Winds Inn Gareth Leach tells us about a day in his life, keeping one of Saint Lucia's most highly acclaimed beach resorts ticking along smoothly.

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