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SoHo Area in New York

Named after its location south of Houston Street, SoHo is bordered by Canal Street to the south, Sixth Avenue to the west and Crosby Street to the east. Two features characterise SoHo and create its unique aesthetic: cobbled streets (or ‘Belgian Blocks’), and cast iron architecture. Cast iron was introduced as an effective building material in the late 1800s and its strength and versatility allowed for the high ceilings, large windows and decorative facades that differentiate SoHo’s beautiful loft spaces.

Artists, attracted by cheap rents and the natural light these buildings afforded, took to the area in the 70s and heralded its cultural resurgence after suffering years of neglect and industrial decline. The hip crowd followed the artists and a successful period of gentrification ensued. Today the streets of SoHo are a shopping mecca with designer flagships and achingly cool boutiques vying for square footage amid the art galleries and cafes. To walk around SoHo is to experience a visual feast of rugged, urban charm juxtaposed with modern glamour, defined by fire escapes in silhouette against beautifully painted facades. Visually, it’s nothing short of stunning – quintessentially New York. Get your cameras ready.

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