You know what they say: life is a book and those who do not travel read only a page. Hallmark hokum aside, there’s an important message here. Seeing the world is arguably the only true way to broaden our horizons and add the more interesting chapters to the story of who we are.

And sure, that might mean adventure. It might mean chapters on shipwreck scuba dives and 4X4 desert safaris. But that’s not the only way. Some of us seek to fill our pages with poolside daiquiris, sauna visits and morning yoga on a beachfront pavilion.



Our new Arabia Collection Travel Guide is available in print or online and is packed with destination knowledge, top tips and 2016 events.


Whatever floats your complimentary non-motorised watersports, I suppose. What does unite all holidaymakers however, whether daring or demure, is the need to be inspired before we jet off. Because planning a holiday loses that surge of excitement if we’re not inspired about where we’re going.

Nobody knows this better than Kenwood Travel. With a 40-year proven track record as a leading UK tour operator, we constantly find new and exciting ways to bring your holiday to life before you travel, thus sharpening the picture you have in your mind and fueling the pre-flight excitement until departure day arrives.

Already in 2016 our travel editors and graphics team have created a varied range of interactive online tools to enhance your customer experience before booking your holiday. These include: Atlantis The Palm, Dubai Experience, Discover Thailand Interactive Map and The Arabia Collection Travel Guide.




Our latest bit of kit is the Discover Thailand Interactive Map that lets you custom-design a uniquely personal holiday and send it to us with the click of a button.


And it’s this engaging, user-friendly content – along with our passionate call centre team, slick new website, luxury holiday giveaways, excellent independent customer service rating, lively social media discussions and insightful blog articles (yes, like this one) – that saw us voted one of 24 travel companies in the London Stock Exchange List of 1,000 Companies to Inspire Britain 2016.

Chancellor George Osbourne said: ‘The businesses and entrepreneurs in the report are a fantastic illustration of the UK’s pioneering, entrepreneurial spirit and our nation’s capacity to produce world class innovation.’

Thanks George, but at Kenwood Travel, our innovation isn’t just world class; it’s worldwide. And it’s designed to inspire your next holiday escape.



The ocean-themed Atlantis, the Palm bursts into life with our fun and easy-to-use interactive experience.


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Since leaving a role in local broadcasting, Tom spent six seasons working on cruise ships before turning his experiences into a popular travel blog and pod cast. But it wasn’t long before wanderlust came calling again, and after travelling extensively throughout Asia and the Americas, the time has come for this roving writer to tell the tales of his adventures once more.

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