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A holiday to the Far East has to be experienced at least once in a lifetime. No matter how many books you've read or films you've watched that champion this part of the world, nothing can prepare you for the real thing. From beachfront hideaways and sacred temples to majestic natural landscapes and the wisdom of ancient civilisations.

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A holiday to the Far East is an experience that you will never forget and certainly a pleasure that you should treat yourself to at least once in your lifetime. Chances are that once you've made that first trip you'll be going back time after time. This majestic place with its eclectic array of attractions such as a fascinating culture, picturesque landscapes, succulent food and a vibrant history is an incredibly rewarding travel experience.

Whether you wish to bask in brilliant sunshine on a pristine beach whilst enjoying the splendour of clear-blue skies and Sapphire coloured waters or stroll through the buzzing streets of some of the biggest metropolises on the planet, a vacation to the Far East delivers everything the heart could wish for. Gourmets won’t be disappointed either since your next delicious meal is always just around the corner, be that in an exquisite restaurant or from a street vendor. Either way you’ll experience some of the most exciting flavours and vibrant tastes, often at a bargain price.

Whatever you expect from your Far East holidays in 2016, be that experiencing the fascinating history and tradition of China or Thailand, exploring why everyone is talking about Cambodia and Vietnam these days or merely relaxing on one of many pristine beaches in Bali or the Philippines, there will surely be something to your taste.

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Far East Holidays 2017

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Depending on the country you’re visiting and the time of year, the weather in the Far East can vary quite a bit, although it is broadly divided into two seasons: wet and dry.

Bali, for instance, sits quite close to the equator and so has a tropical monsoon climate with very clear wet and dry seasons. To avoid the rain it is best to visit during May, although even during the wet season you’ll still see plenty of sunshine. Malaysia has a similar climate, although the dry season runs from November to March. If it’s the vibrant metropolis of Thailand you’re visiting then the driest months tend to be from December to May, although the temperatures remain high all year round.




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