Gold-sand lagoon famed for surf & seafood

Discover a charming small-scale resort of unrivalled rugged natural beauty with a holiday to Oualidia in Morocco. You'll encounter an impressive lagoon of shallow waters thriving with wildlife fringed with golden sandy beaches and protected from the waves of the Atlantic Ocean by a natural breakwater.

For a quiet holiday ideal for surfing, swimming and indulging with authentic Moroccan cuisine and locally resourced seafood, Oualidia is the place to go.

Luxury Holidays in Oualidia

When it comes to luxury, Oualidia holidays will definitely show you all the grandeur of an authentic dream getaway under the Moroccan sun. From the myriad of small boutique hotels to the luxurious villas and chic resorts, Oualidia offers a sophisticated option for those seeking a short haul luxury holiday.

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5 Great Reasons to Holiday in Oualidia

  • Visit the majestic Qasr al-Bahr, a fortress on the rocky waterfront by the Atlantic Ocean
  • Enjoy swimming, fishing, sailing and bird-watching in the calm waters of the lagoon
  • Discover world-class surfing and windsurfing spots by the Atlantic coast.
  • Tour the historic squares and ancient kasbah to experience the real Morocco in Oualidia
  • Dine out for some classic Moroccan fare in any of the numerous seafood restaurants

Things to Do in Oualidia

Oualidia, pronounced 'Wa-lid-ya' is a fishing village located on the Atlantic coast of Morocco. This corner of the Barbary Coast used to be a hub for adventurers, colonists, and also pirates. Today, the so-called Moroccan St Tropez is highly popular with wealthy Moroccans and expatriate French seeking the raw beauty of this part of Africa, exclusive resorts and world-class watersports. The village has a main street full of shops, market stalls and cafes, and then of course there is the huge tidal lagoon bustling with bird life that is ideal for sailing and swimming.


Oualidia enjoys a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and warm summers. The cooling currents from the Atlantic Ocean help to moderate the weather so that it gets neither extremely hot nor cold.

Interesting Facts About Oualidia

  • Population – 15,433
  • Currency - Dirham (Dh), which is divided into 100 centimes.
  • Language - Arabic

Oualidia Holidays 2024 / 2025

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Please note: Guests are required to pay a local government tax at hotels in Morocco. The cost varies depending on hotel and area, but should be no more than £5 per room per day. The tax will be payable in local currency.

Top Picks

La Sultana Oualidia

5* out of 5 stars

With its spectacular natural setting and modern and sophisticated facilities, La Sultana Oualidia is an ideal romantic getaway in Morocco.


Useful information

  • Local time GMT (+1)
  • Currency Dirham
  • Language Moroccon Arabic
  • Location Morocco
  • Flying time 3 hours & 15 minutes

Destination map