Limassol Holidays

Southern city with a characterful core

Limassol is a city to get lost in. Staying here sees you travel through time as you visit medieval castles, Roman ruins, and Ottoman architecture. As time progresses, you’ll end up walking through urban modernity with high end shopping and dining. There’s a whole era to explore for your Limassol holiday.

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Imagine a blend of modern Greek architecture and quaint Mediterranean streets. Sprinkle this thought with laid-back vibes, great shopping and beaches that go on forever, and you’ve got Limassol. It’s a watercolour painting of old and new, where a hip cosmopolitan attitude meets authentic Cypriot tradition.

Luxury Holidays in Limassol

Limassol is a city that needs to be explored. Tucked behind the promenades and resorts, you’ll venture through winding Cypriot streets where market stalls fringe Mediterranean buildings and vibrant colours leak from the tapestried architecture. Huddled around Limassol castle are authentic beauty-spots to lose yourself within.

Great Reasons to Holiday in Limassol

  • Limassol Castle – Located at the diminutive heart of Limassol, this ancient castle makes for a fascinating visit, stocked with ancient artefacts. 
  • Archaeological Museum - This museum is brimming with historical architecture and artefacts, with items going as far back as the pre-Neolithic period. 
  • Cyprus Wine Museum - A wine lover’s haven, or a cultured new experience for those who aren’t yet connoisseurs. This is a great place to build up your knowledge of Cyprus’ grapevine history. 
  • Grand Mosque - Built in the 16th century, and still in use today. Parts of the architecture of Kebir, or ‘Grand’ mosque stem back from the 10th century cathedral of Ayia Ekaterini.
  • Folk Art Museum - Here’s one for the folk back home. This museum displays an amazing collection of Cypriot folk art, with everything from art, culture, traditions, society and trade on show.
  • Kourion - This is something that history lovers shouldn’t miss. Kourion is an ancient city dating back to the 12th century B.C.

Things to Do Whilst on Holiday in Limassol

Limassol is all about its heart. The charismatic shopfronts lining whitewashed Mediterranean streets blend seamlessly with the melting pot of British, Roman, Venetian and Medieval architecture. The old town is a promenade fringed secret, cluttered with dinky independent shops and eateries. It’s one of the few places where cafes weave through ancient ruins, letting you wine and dine beneath crumbling medieval arrangements. A short stroll east whisks you forward in time, where chic designs flood the boulevards in the form of high end shopping and dining. Here, Anexartisias Street rules the roost, with its boundaries stretching from the Bank of Cyprus to the beachfront that frames Limassol’s city skyline.

With any holiday to Limassol, you’re a stone’s throw away from some of Cyprus’s most striking historical landmarks. A lot of the old world remains in all its preserved glory, meaning you can tread the footsteps of civilisations from thousands of years ago. If you’re in the mood for the contemporary, don’t forget Cyprus is a land of wine, and Limassol is no exception. With boutique wineries, wine museums, and wine-themed trinket shops, this is heaven for the connoisseurs.

Finally, nature lovers are in for a treat. Despite being Cyprus’ second largest city, Limassol stands as a perfect base for exploring the stunning Greek Island countryside. From its natural beaches, to the mountains in the Troodos region, the splendour of nature awaits.


Limassol has a comfortably warm subtropical climate. Winters are mild, and summers are hot with the average high reaching 33C and average winter temperature ranging around 18C. In fact, Limassol has the warmest winters on average within the European Union.

Interesting Facts about Limassol

Population – 101,000
Area – 13.5 sq miles
The port of Limassol is one of the busiest in the Mediterranean.

Limassol Holidays in 2022 / 2023

Booking early to Limassol means you won’t miss out meeting friendly locals, sampling Cypriot delicacies or lazing in the Mediterranean sunshine. This is a city of culture, be it from delicate boutique wineries, quaint hidden cafes or fascinating museums. Our destination experts at Kenwood Travel have over 40 years’ experience in making sure you get that perfect holiday. Give our friendly UK call centre a ring, and book now for a trip to Cyprus that you’ll remember for a lifetime.  

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