Luxury Sicily Holidays

As diverse as it is beautiful

It’s time to discover what this beautiful Italian island really has to offer. From the peaks of Mount Etna to the beaches of Lampedusa, there’s more to Sicily than a schoolyard rhyme. The Mediterranean’s largest island, Sicily, constitutes an eigth of Italy’s total population, not to mention a significant share of the nation’s archaeological heritage, bountiful scenery, cultural treasure and splendid cuisine.  

Luxury Holidays in Sicily

We may be on the cusp of our 45th year as a luxury tour operator, but we don’t rest on our laurels here at Kenwood Travel. Rewarding our customers with as much holiday choice as possible remains central to our mission, so may we present Sicily: a new and exciting destination for us, whose wealth of luxury holiday opportunities is rivalled only by its scenic abundance.

Great reasons to holiday in Sicily

  • Fantastic food – Famous for its citrus fruits and wine, traditional Sicilian cooking is passionately alive with fresh, wholesome ingredients and the lasting impression of centuries of diverse cultural influence.
  • Wonderful weather – The wonderful year-round quality of the island’s balmy climate keeps visitors coming back year after year. Even the winters, while of course rainier, remain mild. Sicily in the summer sizzles with daily temperature readings upwards of 40°C commonly seen.
  • Art & Architecture – Sicily has attracted many different cultures over the last 3,000 years, leaving an architectural legacy defined by baroque beauty. The famous Monreale cathedral is a great starting point, but be sure to see Catania, Palermo and Noto too.
  • City life and scenery – The coastal stretches, adorned with pretty beaches and white-painted seaside villages give way to dramatic uplands and ultimately the lofty peaks of Mount Etna and Stromboli. The natural landscape is all rather stunning but there are urban treasures to be found too. Capital Palermo bristles with lively street markets and colourful Byzantine mosaics.

Things to do on holiday in Sicily

Visit the Valley of the Temples – There are three ancient Greek temple complexes in Sicily. Of these, Valley of Temples, found at Agrigento is perhaps the most impressive; a match even for the more familiar classical structures associated with mainland Greece. Be sure to check out the Greek theatre at Syracuse too, one of the largest of its kind anywhere.

Relive scenes from The Godfather - this is an offer you can’t refuse! Explore the streets of Forza D’Argo, Savoca and Corelone and follow in the footsteps of gangster movie legends.

Bask on the beach – The shimmering blue waters of the Mediterranean meet some its finest beaches in Sicily. From picturesque Ustica to black sanded Catania, there’s a great range of beautiful beaches on which to wile away a sunkissed day.

Experience Mount Etna – Climb it, take a train around it or just gaze at it: whichever way you choose to appreciate Mount Etna in the east of the island, no trip to Sicily can escape the presence of Europe’s highest active volcano.

Weather in Sicily

As you’d expect for the Med’s largest island, Sicily simmers pleasantly in a Mediterranean climate. Summers are sunny and hot; winters wetter but mild, with average peak season temperatures reaching 44°C. In fact, there is some debate as to whether Athens or indeed Sicily holds the crown for highest European temperature ever recorded – both have been known to hit a rather roasting 48°C.

Facts about Sicily

  • Area – 9,927 square miles
  • Population – 5M
  • Currency – Euro
  • Time Zone – CET (UTC+1)

Sicily holidays 2024 / 2025

Arranging your Sicily trip early is the best way to book your desired dates for the most affordable price. At Kenwood Travel we contract with our hotel and airlines directly, eliminating middlemen and extra costs. Call our knowledgeable Italy specialists at Kenwood Travel today and see how much you could save on your next Siciliy holiday.

Top Picks

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A luxury retreat with a private beach, La 2B Spa, three hectares of Mediterranean gardens, a cliffside solarium plus breathtaking views of the Island of Ortigia.

Grand Hotel Villa Igiea MGallery

5* out of 5 stars

Explore the rich cultural heritage of Palermo with one of the walking tours offered by the hotel, or practice the art of cuisine with Sicilian cooking classes. This hotel has it all.

Grand Palladium Sicilia Resort & Spa

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Situated on the northern part of Italy's largest island, the Grand Palladium Sicilia Resort & Spa is a holiday haven that welcomes guests of all types.


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