North America Cruises

The USA, Canada, Hawaii and more await…

From the coastal cities of the US and Canada to the magnificent Great Lakes inland, there’s plenty to discover on the North American continent when you cruise. Dramatic landscapes and environments, rich native history, and incredible cities await in every corner, with further-flung ports in Hawaii or the Caribbean providing a taste of perfect island paradise to your voyage.

Handcrafted Cruise Packages

Oceania Cruises

7 nights West Coast Vines - Los Angeles to Los Angeles

  • 24 Sep 2024 - 03 Oct 2024
  • 7 Nights Regatta
  • 2 Nights in Los Angeles
  • Fly Cruise

9 nights including Delta Air Lines flights from £2,550 per person

Rocky Mountaineer Gold Leaf Included
Silversea Cruises

14 Night Rocky Mountaineer and Alaska Cruise Tour

  • 01 May 2025 - 15 May 2025
  • 7 Nights Silver Moon
  • Fly Cruise
  • Rocky Mountaineer Gold Leaf

14 nights including flights from £8,199 per person

Celebrity Cruises

8 nights New Orleans & The Caribbean

  • 11 Dec 2024 - 20 Dec 2024
  • 8 Nights Celebrity Constellation
  • 1 Nights in Tampa
  • Fly Cruise

9 nights including Delta Air Lines flights from £1,568 per person

Helpful Tips to Know Before You Go

  • In the US and Canada, you are expected to tip staff, especially servers in restaurants. In Hawaii and some parts of the Caribbean, this is also the case. It’s a good idea to carry cash of the appropriate currencies in the ports you visit.
  • Depending on time of year, some attractions and activities may or may not be available. Research your desired shore excursions in advance to help you decide when in the year to cruise. Be sure to book these in advance to avoid disappointment.
  • Legal drinking age varies across North America and other territories you may visit in your cruise. In the US and Hawaii, it’s 21, in most of Canada, it’s 19, and it will vary across many Caribbean countries. If you have any cruisers under 21 in your party, be aware that they will not be able to drink alcohol in certain ports.
  • Take care to protect the delicate ecosystems you visit. When swimming, use reef-safe suncream to safeguard the beautiful reefs and marine life of places like Hawaii. When taking wildlife tours or hikes, use the advice of local guides to make sure you avoid disturbing animals or the environment.
  • The weather and time zone may vary considerably between your ports of call. Pack with versatile clothing, both for sunny beach weather and potential showers. If you’re planning to visit mountains or cold areas like Alaska, warmer clothing is a good idea too.

Things to Do

  • Take in spectacular natural beauty. From the icy shores of Alaska to incredible mountain ranges and national parks, North America is home to breathtaking scenery that has to be seen with your own eyes. Hike through the trails, take guided boat tours, and most of all: keep your camera ready.
  • Visit cultural wonders. Discover Native American culture and history, discover landmarks in American cities, attend a hula dance in Hawaii, and so much more. There’s so much opportunity to learn about the ports you call at.
  • Spot local wildlife. From whales you may see in Hawaii or Alaska to tropical birds and fish in the Caribbean, there’s creatures great and small to be found in the sky, water and land. Nature-lovers will find plenty to wow them, and plenty of tours that take advantage of local biodiversity.
  • The Great Lakes of North America are a sight to behold, so vast that they have their own tides, with waves lapping at the shore very much alike the ocean. A voyage across these behemoth bodies of water is one of the greatest experiences available in a cruise to North America, and well worth the trip.
  • Sample local foods. New York style cheesecake in the US, malasadas and other treats in Hawaii, delicious seafood dishes and jerk chicken in the Caribbean and so much more await your taste buds.

Why Book With Kenwood Travel

At Kenwood Travel, we have decades of experience in crafting the perfect cruise, and we’re excited to turn your North America voyage into the most incredible experience imaginable. From planning your itinerary to providing travel advice, our dedicated experts are here to take care of everything, each of them taking advantage of destination-specific expertise to give you the help you need. With ATOL and ABTA protection on every cruise, you can rest soundly and prepare for your unforgettable cruise to North America with an easy mind.

Ports of Call & Places to Explore



Cruise around the coast of the USA or inland along its rivers; no matter how you choose to explore this nation by water, it will be a trip to remember. Visit the Great Lakes, behemoth bodies of water so vast they have their own tides, or call in at ports in some of America’s most famous coastal cities. Whether you want to check out local landmarks and attractions, take part in iconic American experiences, or appreciate some of the breathtaking beauty to be found in US territories, you’ll not regret the visit.



Home to fantastic stretches of incredible natural beauty, as well as incredible UNESCO World Heritage sites like the town of Lunenberg, there’s endless wonder to discover along the shores of this country. Visit the glacial waters of Alaska, spot incredible local wildlife like bears and whales, discover indigenous culture, and so much more.



Many North America cruises offer itineraries that venture into the shimmering waters of the Caribbean, whose myriad iconic island countries each provide a paradise of their own. Discover the heart of the Caribbean in Jamaica, recline on pristine Saint Lucia beaches, snorkel and dive in breathtakingly-beautiful waters, and sink into the laid-back Caribbean spirit.



A collection of six stunning islands in the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii is a part of the US, and an unforgettable addition to any cruise itinerary. The sheer natural beauty of Hawaii is famed world-wide, and for good reason: breathtaking mountains, jewel-bright waters and lush greenery make up the land, with the native Hawaiian culture providing plenty to discover in the local cities. Take a snorkel tour of fantastic coral reefs, try local foods, learn about Hawaiian history, and more.

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