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Amidst Scandinavia and the Baltic Sea, a wide array of spectacular landscapes and wonders await. This is truly a region packed to the brim with stunning scenery, with dramatic fjords and towering mountains standing as monuments to the sheer magnificence of the natural world, and wildernesses overflowing with incredible animal life. The ports themselves are equally as impressive; world-famous cities like Reykjavik, Copenhagen and Stockholm provide bastions of arts and culture to enjoy, with so much history and local marvels to explore.

Handcrafted Cruise Packages

Swan Hellenic

Iceland in Depth

  • 10 Aug 2024 - 19 Aug 2024
  • 8 Nights SH Vega
  • Fly Cruise

9 nights including Icelandair flights from £2,965 per person

Exclusive $200 On Board Suite Credit
Crystal Cruises

Copenhagen to Reykjavik

  • 20 Aug 2024 - 01 Sep 2024
  • 11 Nights Crystal Symphony
  • 1 Nights in Copenhagen
  • Fly Cruise

12 nights including BA flights from £6,149 per person

Celebrity Cruises

8 nights Norwegian Fjords

  • 04 May 2024 - 13 May 2024
  • 8 Nights Celebrity Silhouette
  • 1 Nights in Amsterdam
  • Fly Cruise

9 nights including British Airways flights from £1,825 per person

Free Beverage Package* selected dates
Windstar Cruises

Around Iceland

  • 08 Aug 2024 - 16 Aug 2024
  • 7 Nights Star Pride
  • 1 Nights in Reykjavik
  • Fly Cruise

8 nights including Icelandair flights from £3,867 per person

Helpful Tips to Know Before You Go

  • Research ahead of time to plan which currencies to bring. Depending on your port of call, and the excursions you choose, cash may or may not be necessary – but if it is, you’ll want to have some of the correct kind on hand. Otherwise, your card will suffice.
  • Scandinavia & Baltic cruise itineraries offer an abundance of exciting ports to explore. To make the most of your journey, consider planning ahead and selecting the ports you'd like to visit.
  • While July and August are prime months for cruising in this picturesque region, they come with a vibrant atmosphere. The weather is excellent, but the popularity of these months can result in larger crowds and higher costs. Opting for a cruise during a quieter, less crowded month could be a wonderful choice, allowing you to enjoy the trade-off of pleasant weather and a more tranquil voyage.
  • If you want to see the aurora borealis, September and October are some of the best months, as these are still popular Scandinavia cruising months and enjoy frequent sights of the northern lights.
  • Pack warm clothes that layer well. These regions are breathtakingly beautiful, but can be very cold. You’ll want to wrap up warm to see the incredible sights that await you.

Things To Do

  • Witness the aurora borealis. When you travel to regions like Iceland, Norway, or the far north of Sweden, you’ll venture into the Arctic Circle, where the incredible spectacle of the northern lights can be seen in the sky. Caused by charged particles from the sun hitting our planet’s magnetic field, this celestial light-show is not to be missed.
  • At the right time of year, experience the Polar Summer phenomenon known as the Midnight Sun – full days where the sun doesn’t set at all, and the sun will shine just as brightly at midnight as it does during the day.
  • Behold breathtaking fjords. In Norway and other destinations, you’ll have the opportunity to set your eyes on the immense natural beauty of these waterways and the dramatic cliffs and slopes that flank them. Kayak through the waters, take a tour, or simply watch from the deck of your cruise ship.
  • Explore spectacular cities. From the artistic haven of Stockholm to the historic marvels of Tallinn or Copenhagen, your Scandinavia & Baltic cruise is sure to take you to a number of magnificent cities, each with their attendant charms and wonders to discover.
  • Spot inspiring wildlife. From multiple species of whales in the waters and thousands of seabirds to bears and elk and moose, the regions you visit will have a wide variety of fauna in residence. Take whale-spotting boat tours or visit wildlife centres, and keep your camera at the ready.
  • Try local cuisine. Try a Smörgåsbord in Sweden or Denmark, enjoy a delicious Flækesteg pork roast, sample game like reindeer and elk and even bear sausage, try the meatballs in every port, and explore a vast array of baked goods in local cafés. Danish pastries are famous for a reason, after all, and they’re not the only ones.

Why Book With Kenwood Travel

With our long experience and expert knowledge, you can be sure that Kenwood Travel will provide the voyage of your dreams. Our cruise specialists are on hand to provide their in-depth knowledge of every port of call available to your Scandinavia & Baltic cruise, helping you pick the perfect itinerary for your needs and aspirations. From help with visas to advice on shore excursions, we’ll provide everything you need to make this cruise one to remember.

Ports of Call & Places to Explore



In ‘the land of fire and ice’, witness breathtaking scenery and towering glaciers, walking on black sands beneath the midnight sun. This volcanic country has so much to see, from the whales and other wildlife to the cities whose harbours you’ll call at. In the wilderness, discover countless wonders, from natural hot springs to utterly magnificent waterfalls and more.



A country of dramatic landscapes and sprawling wilderness, Norway has to be one of the most incredible destinations for a cruise ship to call at on a Scandinavia itinerary. Take boat tours of local natural caves, behold the beauty of the spectacular fjords, and so much more. If you’re lucky, and visiting at the right times of year, you might even spot the aurora dancing in the sky, right from the deck of your ship.



From the unforgettable arts and culture of Stockholm and other cities to the natural beauty of the hinterlands, Sweden and its ports have much to offer. Spot incredible wildlife like bears and elk, stroll the streets and museums of Stockholm, and take sight-seeing tours of the many wonders of Sweden’s 14 islands.



When you cruise to Denmark, any itinerary will have you call at Copenhagen, a city of beautiful architecture and countless scenic gardens. Stroll along the streets, enjoying the cafés and promenades dotted about like jewels, visit the iconic Little Mermaid statue, take a canal tour of the city, plus much, much more.



A beautiful country of gorgeous blue lakes and a astonishing number of islands, Estonia and its capital of Tallinn are a welcome addition to any Scandinavian cruise itinerary. Explore the UNESCO heritage old town of the capital, marvelling at the restored 15th Century architecture, or take a walk down one of the beautiful chilly beaches along the country’s coast.

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