Grand Canyon Holidays

A geological wonder and American icon

Whether it’s your first time or you’ve been here before, it’s impossible not to be impressed by the awe-inspiring size and beauty of this natural wonder. Take in the views from the South Rim, marvel at its magnitude from a helicopter ride above, or find solitude and spectacular sunsets on the North Rim.

Luxury Holidays in The Grand Canyon

Arguably one of the USA’s most iconic locations, The Grand Canyon stretches 277 miles from one end to the other and is 18 miles across at its widest point - it’s a truly unforgettable destination whether you see it from the sky, the rim, the river or the canyon floor. Visit for the day or stay a while and find yourself mesmerised by the scale and beauty of this UNESCO World Heritage site. And as the sun goes down and casts shadows over the ravines, watch as the golds, oranges, red and pinks of these ancient rocks magically merge into the sunset skyline.

Things to do in The Grand Canyon

Take one of the free shuttle buses that regularly run around the South Rim area. Depending which route you take you can either get off and explore along the way or take a scenic round trip. It’s one of the best ways to get around and to take in the different viewpoints, museums and facilities.

Stretch your legs with a walk along The Rim Trail. After you’ve taken a selfie (or 10) at Mather Point head along this paved walkway that’s more accessible than the many hiking routes. The 13-mile trail provides an ideal opportunity to get out of the car, off the shuttle bus or away from the crowds whilst still taking in some spectacular views. 

Visit the Yavapai Geology Museum. And learn about the fascinating geology of this natural wonder. Although small, it’s a must-visit and you’ll come away with a much deeper understanding of the area. It’s also a great spot to catch the sunset.

Brave the Skywalk from the West Rim. Although sitting just outside the national park, this modern gravity-defying “glass bridge” is easy to get to from Vegas and offers the opportunity to experience standing 4000 ft above the canyon with only glass below your feet!

Ride the Grand Canyon Railroad. With its domed rooftops for incredible views, expert guides and Wild West entertainment onboard, this authentic US railroad trip will take you from Williams, Arizona, through the pine forests and open plains right to the South Rim and back again. A great way to get out of the car and experience the Old West, and visit a stop on the famous Route 66 too. 

Send a postcard (yes you can still do that). from the remote US Post Office in Grand Canyon Village, one of the only mule-served postal routes in the USA - the other is at the base of the canyon.

Take a mule ride yourself. On one of the many South Rim Trails for spectacular horseback views, or down into the canyon to experience the unique scenery as you look back up at the craggy ravines.

Enjoy the peace and solitude of the North Rim. Quieter, more remote and with a more relaxed vibe than the busier South Rim - the North Rim is popular with hikers for its unspoilt, isolated beauty. But this part of the canyon is closed during winter when snowfall and ice make the roads impassable. 

Get on the river. Rafting on the Grand Canyon is a bucket-list experience that’s open to all with everything from adrenaline-fuelled white-water rafting to more genteel float trips. See the spectacle of the canyon rise around you from the Colorado River that created it millions of years ago.

Hike the Bright Angel Trail. One of the easiest access and most popular routes to try, the full trail is for the serious hikers only, but with plenty of rest points, toilets and water stops along the way, it’s great for first-timers too, who can turn back after a short distance. Just make sure you plan for at least twice as much effort going back up as it took to get down!

Weather at The Grand Canyon 

Dramatic elevation changes across the Grand Canyon mean there are often stark differences in weather across the park. From cooler and wetter the higher you are to hotter and drier in the lowest spots. Summer high temperatures can reach 38C in the depths of the canyon, whilst on the South Rim it’s a much more bearable 29C, interspersed with summer storms that often bring heavy rain during the day. The shoulder seasons are warm and dry but be prepared for dramatic temperature drops at night throughout the year. In winter, days are shorter and ice and snow are common so you’ll find some areas are closed mid-October to mid-May.

Top Picks

Bright Angel Lodge

4* out of 5 stars

An ideal base for exploring the Grand Canyon, and a national historic landmark in its own right - Bright Angel Lodge offers modern comfortable rooms that celebrate its cultural heritage.

The Grand Hotel at the Grand Canyon

3.5* out of 5 stars

A perfect mix of Southwestern charm and modern comforts close to the South Rim, with luxury rooms and easy access to Grand Canyon attractions.


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