Turkey Holidays

A truly cross-continental experience

The famous Bosphorous strait is unique for its position directly between Asia and Europe, so it's no surprise that modern Turkey enjoys a real cross-continental vibe. From the sultanates of yesteryear to today's vast metropolises, Turkey holidays have always intrigued and impressed in equal measure.

Anyone travelling to Turkey should first of all relinquish any preconceived ideas since this is a country full of pleasant surprises. Located partly in Europe and partly in Asia, Turkey is a gateway between east & west and, thanks to such rich heritage and dynamic modernity, old and new. 

Luxury Holidays in Turkey 

More to the point, Turkey is a wonderful holiday destination. Tourists are received with exuberant friendliness; the cuisine is excellent; the list of things to do is infinitely long and the landscape is breathtakingly beautiful. Regardless of what you bring home with you - lifelong memories, wonderful carpets, antique amulets, or even a healthy tan - for many visitors, their first trip is merely the beginning of a great love. 

5 Great Reasons to Go to Turkey 

  • Any list of this kind has to start with Istanbul; the vibrant metropolis spread over two continents, home to Hagia Sophia, the Topkapi Palace and the Blue Mosque
  • Staying in the capital, the Grand Bazaar is just too fascinating to ignore, one of the largest and oldest markets in the world, with more than 4,000 shops
  • The beach towns of Antalya, Alanya, Kas, etc. along the Aegean and Mediterranean coastline are sandwiched between the Taurus Mountains and turquoise blue waters; how’s that for setting?
  • Ephesus is a mecca for history buffs. Here you’ll find some of the most impressive and well-preserved Greco-Roman ruins in the region
  • The Koprulu Canyon National Park is the adventure playground of Turkey and boasts spectacular scenery 

Things to Do Whilst on Holiday in Turkey 

The Turquoise Coast is Turkey’s most beautiful coastline where you can enjoy a plethora of activities such as kayaking whilst witnessing underwater ruins. The ancient city of Xanthos, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is definitely worth a visit, maybe even before you canoe downstream through unspoilt backwaters to Patara Beach. The latter is 14 kilometres long and one of the longest stretches of sandy beach in all the Mediterranean.  


Turkey's climate, like its location, is varied to say the least. The further south toward the ocean (and west) you head, the weather begins to develop into a more Mediterranean climate, with fairly typical conditions of hot summers and mild winters with no huge temperature extremes. Istanbul and its surrounding region experiences a temperate continental climate. The weather conditions mirror a cooler version of a typical Mediterranean climate. 

Interesting Facts about Turkey 

  • Area – 302,535 sq miles
  • Population – 77,695,904
  • Turkey is responsible for 80% of the world’s hazelnut exports, is home to the first ever Christian church built by man, and is the birthplace of St Nicholas, the actual man that the mythical figure of Santa Claus is based on 

Turkey Holidays in 2024 / 2025

An old Turkish saying declares ‘a stranger at one’s doorstep is God’s guest for three days.’ Considering the hospitality you’ll enjoy on your trip to Turkey, this will soon become clear. This is just one of the many reasons why we added this fantastic destination to our extensive European holiday catalogue. Book your Turkey adventure with the holiday experts at Kenwood Travel today and enjoy great savings for travel dates next year.

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Useful information

  • Local time GMT (+3)
  • Currency Turkish Lira
  • Language Turkish
  • Location Southeast Europe
  • Flying time 4 hours & 5 minutes

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