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Home to more biodiversity than anywhere else on Earth

The dream destination for any nature-lover, the Amazon Rainforest spans breathtaking miles of lush greenery and sprawling river that are home to some of the most incredible creatures in the world, with an enormous river that’s perfect to cruise along. With vast numbers of flora and fauna packed into this jaw-dropping expanse, you can hike into the jungle or canoe along the river waters and see so much magnificence with your own eyes. Discover charming local villages, unforgettable animals, and sights that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Handcrafted Cruise Packages

Azamara Cruises

25 Nights Carnival Rio & Amazon

  • 22 Feb 2025 - 21 Mar 2025
  • 25 Nights Azamara Journey
  • 2 Nights in Buenos Aires
  • Fly Cruise

27 nights including flights from £8,796 per person


14 nights Amazon Delta & Coast Of Brazil

  • 19 Oct 2024 - 03 Nov 2024
  • 14 Nights Seabourn Venture
  • 1 Nights in Manaus
  • Fly Cruise

15 nights including British Airways flights from £9,912 per person

Regent Seven Seas Cruises

24 nights Radiant Amazon - Miami to Miami

  • 16 Nov 2024 - 11 Dec 2024
  • 24 Nights Seven Seas Mariner
  • 1 Nights in Miami
  • Fly Cruise

25 nights including Delta Air Lines flights from £10,790 per person

Helpful Tips to Know Before You Go

  • The Amazon is a fantastic destination year-round. January to June makes up the wet season, when temperatures will feel cooler and there will be better opportunities for swimming or canoeing. July to December marks the dry season, which makes it easier to explore the jungle on foot.
  • When trying to spot wildlife in the Amazon, the early morning is often the best time of day. Be prepared to get up as early as 5am for the best chances of seeing rare animals.
  • When you spend time in the Amazon, do your best to preserve the incredible ecosystems by following safe practices. Use reef-safe suncream to avoid affecting sensitive fish and other aquatic creatures, take all rubbish with you and dispose of it safely, and avoid creating any sources of flame or sparks in the dry season, which could cause forest fires.
  • Much of your time in the Amazon will be spent exploring, so pack appropriately. Good walking shoes are essential, waterproof clothing is a good idea in case of showers, and sunhats and suncream will help protect against the sunshine. Bring organic, safe insect or mosquito repellent to ward against the bugs without damaging the ecosystem.
  • The areas you travel in the Amazon may range across Ecuador, Brazil, Peru, Colombia and Bolivia. Consult your chosen itinerary to decide what denominations of currency to bring, and whatever you pick, be sure to pack small notes with lots of change. It will be very hard to ‘break’ most notes, especially in more modest settlements, so the smaller the better.

Things to Do

  • Walk into the jungle to see its incredible animals. From iconic birds like wild toucans, hoatzins and macaws to fascinating arboreal wildlife like anacondas, sloths and monkeys, there’s plenty to spot in the trees. On the ground, you might catch sight of species like tapirs, capybaras, giant river otters, and – if you’re extremely lucky – the rare and beautiful jaguar.
  • Take a canoe or kayak into the Amazon waters. Paddling across the Amazon river and its connected channels is an unmissable experience for those cruising in this area, not only giving you an incredible view of the rainforest and river itself, but also putting you in a good spot to see famous water-bound creatures. From pink river dolphins and several species of alligator to the arapaima – one of the largest freshwater fish in the world – there’s a wealth of incredible aquatic animals. You might even spot an Amazonian manatee.
  • Learn how the locals live. The Amazon is home to a wide array of native tribes, some of whom avoid contact with outsiders to this day. The more gregarious tribes are incredible to meet, with their ways of life and careful husbandry of the lush Amazon rainforest providing plenty for visitors to learn about. Even in the larger towns and cities there’s no end of discoveries to make.
  • Experience the rainforest views from a variety of angles. Hike through the trees or zipline above them, enjoying sedate or exhilarating experiences of the Amazon scenery as you prefer. No matter which approach you choose, be sure to pack a camera.
  • Visit a local market. The vibrant towns in the Amazon such as Leticia enjoy the plenty of the rich, biodiverse climate surrounding them, and the markets here are overflowing with sweet and exotic fruits. From more familiar examples like mangoes to unusual specimens you may have never seen before, they’re all worth a try. Handcrafted items by local vendors make for excellent shopping too.

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We want your Amazon cruise to be the unforgettable experience you deserve, and our dedicated team is on hand to make certain that’s exactly what will happen. Our cruise experts have decades of experience behind them, putting them in the perfect place to help you decide on an itinerary, arrange every detail to perfection, and plan you a cruise to the Amazon that you’ll treasure for a lifetime. With ATOL and ABTOT protection on your Amazon cruise, you can rest easy and enjoy your getaway to the fullest.

Ports of Call & Places to Explore



The largest city in the Amazon, Manaus stands as the region’s major port of call, serving the ships that cruise inland from the ocean. In sharp contrast to the little-populated majority of the Amazon, Manaus is a bustling city, with gorgeous sights to see. Check out the iconic Teatro Amazonas, a spectacular opera house, or visit local landmark museums and markets.

Anavilhanas Archipelago

Anavilhanas Archipelago

The incredible ‘flooded forest’ of the Amazon, this archipelago consists of more than 400 islands in the middle of the rainforest, surrounded by an interconnecting network of lakes and watery channels. Created from the accumulation of sediment and vegetation over many years of natural processes, the islands themselves are constantly in flux, moving and changing with the passage of the years. Visit this utterly unique environment for yourself, with the chance to spot rare animals like pink river dolphins, spider monkeys, and the entire range of the Amazon’s alligator species.

Yasuni National Park

Yasuni National Park

Renowned as the most biodiverse place on Earth, the Yasuní park comprises nearly ten thousand square kilometres of lush rainforest, and is home to an outstanding range of species of flora and fauna. This area alone contains more tree species than most continents, with three adjoining ecosystems merging together into a wonder like no other. There’s no better place to go to see the incredible wildlife and greenery of the Amazon.



The largest city in the world that cannot be travelled do via roads, Iquitos can be accessed only by air or water. Set in the heart of the Amazon Basin’s rich and vibrant jungle, it’s a beautiful city in its own right, with a charming contrast between simple and grand construction. With direct access to the surrounding jungle, this is a great place to go for expeditions, canoe trips, and animal-spotting trips into the Amazon.



An idyllic port along the Amazon river, Leticia is a town built around the water and vegetation of its home. Houses sit on stilts in the water, and the art that lines the streets frequently features the pink and grey dolphins that frequent the area. Markets here are rich in delicious and colourful fruits, with the surrounding rainforest providing excellent hiking opportunities, as well as chances for ziplining and kayaking

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