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A holiday in Casablanca will take you to the famed destination of Bogart and Bergman’s WWII classic, where love and virtue played leading roles. In the real Casablanca, you’ll find all the romance of the film's noir-style cinematography, combined with the exquisite charm and friendliness of the locals – it’ll be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

As Morocco’s biggest city and centre of its economy – due in part to having North Africa’s biggest port – Casablanca provides travellers with a heady mix of its architectural past and modern revitalisation. Check out a tour to Ancienne Medina and Casablanca’s Art Deco buildings respectively to grasp the city’s architectural co-mingling of tradition and style.

Luxury Holidays in Casablanca

When it comes to luxury, Casablanca holidays will truly show you the manifestation on your dream getaway under the African sun. For a wonderfully indulgent afternoon why not head out to Hammam Ziani – an upmarket bath house offering traditional scrubs and massages – or Gauthier Bain Turc – a modern day spa perfect for resting your weary feet.

With its wealth of fantastic luxury hotels and palatial accommodations, Casablanca won’t disappoint. At Kenwood Travel we have over 45 years of experience in sourcing the most luxurious holiday packages around the world. Call us now and let an advisor create a bespoke package to make your dream holiday a reality.

Great Reasons to Holiday in Casablanca

  • Settle down for a massage at a traditional bathhouse!
  • Enjoy a cultural nugget or two at the ‘Goethe Institut ‘
  • Tour the historic squares and ancient medina to experience the real Casablanca
  • Discover the city’s spirited nightlife with a visit to one of the bars or 1960s-styled lounges
  • Dine out for some classic Moroccan fare

Things to Do in Casablanca

A visit to the largest city in Morocco wouldn’t be complete without discovering some key historic and religious sites, and with this in mind, why not check out the Hassan II Mosque? This grand construction, built to celebrate the 60th birthday of the former King in 1993, has quickly become the crowning landmark of this vibrant city by the North Atlantic Ocean. The Mosque itself is quite phenomenal but the land on which it sits – jutting out upon shallow rocks and enveloped by the oscillating tide – is truly captivating.

If you’re a lover of the Hollywood movie, Casablanca, then at Rick’s Café you’ll be standing in an establishment that claims to be a recreation of the café made famous by Bogart – you’ll find that a common request for the piano player is the classic, As Time Goes By.

Whether you want a little history – be it ancient or modern – or a dash of luxury relaxation, then a Casablanca holiday is your ticket to the perfect holiday.


The climate in Casablanca is very mild, owing to the fact it is situated in Northern Africa, shares a Mediterranean climate and receives cooling currents from the Atlantic Ocean. Such currents are conducive to moderate weather and produce an atmosphere devoid of extremes in either direction of hot or cold.

Interesting Facts About Casablanca

  • Population – 2,949,805
  • Area – 324 sq. kilometres
  • Language - Arabic

Casablanca Holidays 2024 / 2025

Book early and avoid missing out on your 2024/2025 holiday to Casablanca. Kenwood Travel are here to find the most bespoke luxury all-inclusive package. With over 45 years of experience, we’re here to help you find the perfect getaway.

Please note: Guests are required to pay a local government tax at hotels in Morocco. The cost varies depending on hotel and area, but should be no more than £5 per room per day. The tax will be payable in local currency.

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Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort

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The epitome of luxury and elegance, the Magazan Beach Resort brings you the best of Casablanca in the most sophisticated environment. It boasts a spectacular golf course and the largest casino in Morocco.


Useful information

  • Local time GMT (+1)
  • Currency Moroccan dirham
  • Language Moroccan Arabic (Darija)
  • Location Morocco
  • Flying time 3 hours & 35 minutes

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