Luxury Amalfi Coast Holidays

Candy-coloured towns on the Campania coast

The Amalfi Coast is recognised by UNESCO as an outstanding example of the Mediterranean landscape. The mountains here rise imperiously into the sky before receding back down into the sapphire waters of the Mediterranean Sea. See this stunning region of Italy for yourself and discover why the Amalfi Coast has become one of Europe's most sought-after destinations.

Luxury Holidays in the Amalfi Coast

At Kenwood Travel we're always on the lookout for new experiences for our customers. That's why we're thrilled to add the Amalfi Coast to our Italy holiday portfolio. We can't wait to show you this beautiful region, where the scenic landscape is only enhanced by luxury hotels that can be considered amongst the very best in Europe.

Great reasons to holiday in the Amalfi Coast

  • The beauty – From the peaks of the mountains to the glistening sea, breathtaking beauty lies at every turn. In recognition of this, the area became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997.
  • The food & drink – The Amalfi Coast is known for its pale-skinned lemons. They are far bigger than the lemons found elsewhere and are used to create the famous local tipple, limoncello. The area is home to several Michelin-starred restaurants.
  • The location – If you can tear yourself away from the beautiful surroundings, you'll find yourself closely located to the charismatic city of Naples and the legendary ruins of Pompeii. 
  • The glamour – If you want to feel like a star, the Amalfi Coast is the place to be. An impressive lineup of legendary figures have stayed here including Greta Garbo, Jackie Kennedy and Tennessee Williams.

Things to do whilst on holiday in the Amalfi Coast

Take a coastal drive - For the most spectacular views, drive the stretch of road from Serranto down to the sea. This trip will give you glimpses of some of the Mediterranean's best views.

Sail across to the island of Capri - A forty-minute ferry ride will transport you to this idyllic island. Hop on the chair lift and be whisked to the top of the island where you can survey views from a height of 589 metres.

Visit the Duomo in Amalfi - The cathedral is said to be home to the remains of St. Andrew and exhibits some stunning examples of art and architecture including bronze doors cast in Constantinople during the 11th Century.

Go on a hike on the Sentiero degli Dei - This path is known as the 'Trail of the Gods' for good reason, the four hour walk takes ramblers through vineyards, a gorge, and caves. 

Weather in the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast enjoys a typically Mediterranean climate so travellers can expect hot summers and pleasantly mild winters. July and August average daily temperatures of around 29ºC and during these months there is scarcely any rain.

Facts about the Amalfi Coast

Location – The Province of Salerno
Length of coastline – 55km
Currency – Euro
Time Zone – CET (UTC+1)

Amalfi Coast holidays 2024 / 2025

Booking your Amalfi Coast holiday in advance is the easiest way to secure your perfect dates at a lower price. At Kenwood Travel we deal directly with hotels and airlines to cut out the middleman and save you money. Peruse our collection of Amalfi Coast hotels and give one of our travel experts a call to start planning your dream escape to this idyllic corner of Italy today.

Top Picks

Anantara Convento di Amalfi Grand Hotel

5* out of 5 stars

A luxurious, once-in-a-lifetime stay awaits guests here atop a sheer, ocean-facing cliff in a renovated 800-year-old monastery on the candy-coloured Amalfi Coast.

Capri Palace Jumeirah

5* out of 5 stars

Indulge in a luxury 5-star stay on the gorgeous island of Capri for a stunning Mediterranean getaway complete with the finest dining and wellness facilities hotels have to offer.

Grand Hotel Ambasciatori

5* out of 5 stars

Charming Sorrento hotel with five bars and restaurants, private beach and massage centre plus refreshing pool and park gardens within the clifftop grounds.

Hotel Raito

5* out of 5 stars

Complete your wellness wishlist at ExPure Spa, dine in style at Il Golfo Restaurant, explore local historic attractions and more at one of Amalfi Coast's leading five-star hotels.


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