World Cruises & Grand Voyages

The ultimate bucket-list adventure

To sail around the world. Is there a more joyful sounding holiday? It means you’ve got the time, and the resources, to be able to go away - often in January - and leave the winter behind for months on end. It’s the ultimate travel experience. 


The wonderful thing about a world cruise is that there is no set path. Each and every one is different. Some companies, such as Cunard, sail out of the UK. Others out of the United States and some out of Europe. These sailings don’t just take in countries, they span continents. From the United States, guests could head south to the Caribbean and South America or across the Atlantic to Europe - but where to beyond that? On no other holiday will guests see or do as much as on a world cruise. Imagine having a beer on a beach in Barbados on the same holiday as eating sushi in Tokyo. 


Unsurprisingly these voyages are not short. Grand voyages are typically more than a month but world cruises can be anything up to 180 days - as with Oceania Cruises - and sometimes even beyond that. 


This isn’t about ticking a few items off a bucket list. It’s about ripping up the bucket list and fully embracing the life of a full time luxury traveller. This is about going beyond the guidebooks. Experiencing different cultures, eating the dozens of local cuisines and seeing the world like never before.

Handcrafted Cruise Packages

Oceania Cruises

180 Nights Around the World - Miami to San Diego

  • 03 Jan 2025 - 04 Jul 2025
  • 180 Nights Insignia
  • 2 Nights in Miami
  • Fly Cruise

182 nights including British Airways flights from £43,072 per person


123 Nights Full World Voyage - Roundtrip New York

  • 01 Jan 2024 - 05 May 2024
  • 123 Nights Queen Mary 2
  • 2 Nights in New York
  • Fly Cruise

125 nights including Virgin Atlantic flights from £49,353 per person


39 Nights Hong Kong to Southampton

  • 17 Mar 2024 - 27 Apr 2024
  • 39 Nights Queen Victoria
  • 2 Nights in Hong Kong
  • Fly Cruise

41 nights including Qatar Airways flights from £5,028 per person


108 Nights Full World Voyage - Roundtrip Southampton

  • 11 Jan 2024 - 28 Apr 2024
  • 108 Nights Queen Mary 2

108 nights from £29,699 per person


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Emma Sanger-Horwell
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