Siesta or fiesta on the glittering sea

Kenwood Travel Holidays in Spain

Spain is a land of tradition and modernity, of cities and fishing villages, coastlines and mountain ranges. No other southern European country has such a variety and cultural diversity when it comes to different regions. Whether you hike through picturesque rolling hills, find yourself on a cultural quest or simply relax on a beach, your soul will rest; each part of Spain has something special to offer.

Luxury holidays in Spain 

Spain is a veritable treasure trove of art and culture as well as vibrant life. It is the place to be for rousing flamenco, music, history, painting, architecture, literature, cinema, sports, bullfighting and fiestas! For decades, holidaymakers from around the globe have been drawn to these parts of Europe because of the hospitality and cordial demeanour of the Spaniards as well as the fantastically reliable climate during the summer. 

5 Great Reasons to Holiday in Spain 

  • Barcelona is the capital of Modernism and the impressive architectural accomplishments of Antoni Gaudi can be witnessed all over the city.
  • After years of bad press, and some of it rightfully so, the Costa del Sol is once again on the upswing for two very simple reasons, 320 days of sun and more than 160 km of coastline
  • Ibiza, synonymous with parties on the beach, also has a historic and peaceful side
  • Mallorca as a holiday destination has been around forever but still manages to deliver thanks to ravishing beaches, little hill towns and beautiful mountains
  • Tenerife, the biggest and best-known Canary island, is home to tropical forests, old colonial towns and probably the best place for hiking in the whole country 

Things to Do Whilst on Holiday in Spain 

Spain has had a considerable influence on world history and was the home of a proud empire, as well as conquistadors, and has an artistic heritage that is second to none. Goya, Velázquez, Picasso and Dalí, Cervantes' Don Quixote, the novels of Ernest Hemingway; all of them are an inseparable part of Spain’s history and an invaluable contribution to the art world in general. So whilst on holiday, why not take a break from the beach for an hour and revel in the culture that surrounds you? 


The weather in Spain is as diverse as the country itself but considering our holiday options you’re guaranteed Mediterranean weather! This climate typically means hot dry summers and mild winters. Sunshine is abundant - averaging 6 hours a day in winter and 12 in summer. Rainfall is highest in autumn and winter and very low in summer. This is the type of weather that has made Spain such a famous beach-holiday destination. 

Interesting Facts about Spain 

  • Area – 195,364 sq miles
  • Population – 46,464,053
  • Spain has the second highest numbers of bars per inhabitants; so unsurprisingly bars are an important part of life. (By the way Cyprus is number one on this list) 

Spain Holidays in 2021 / 2022

Weather, food, sun, people; Spain has been such a popular holiday destinations for a reason. We at Kenwood Travel have found the most luxurious and exclusive spots in this fantastic country so have a look and book your next holiday to Spain.

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Bahia Del Duque

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Colonial style architecture meets modern luxury at this beautiful resort. Enjoy michelin-star cuisine, incredible weather and stunning scenery on your Tenerife holiday.

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The Ritz-Carlton Abama

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