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Stunning scenery and incredible wildlife

Beckoning you in for life-changing experiences, your Australasia cruise will be full to the brim with incredible sights and memories. Cruising to Australasia will give you the chance to see the best of places like Australia, New Zealand, Pacific islands, and more... all in a single holiday. Don't settle for seeing just one of these incredible destinations when you could enjoy them all. 

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Helpful Tips to Know Before You Go

  • Depending on your desires, certain times of year will be better for your Australasia cruise than others. While the summer months of December to February are most popular, if you're particularly excited about the Great Barrier Reef, May to October is an ideal time to visit, with cooler temperatures and prime diving. Have a chat with our travel specialists about when is best for you.
  • The seasons are the opposite of ours. Australasia is in the southern hemisphere, so the summer months are December to February, with winter from June to August. Bear this in mind when choosing which month to embark on your cruise.
  • Choose shore activities ahead of time. Some of the excursions you're excited for may require pre-booking, so you'll want to look into the possibilities as early as possible to ensure you aren't disappointed.
  • Pack with forethought. Depending on the time of year you cruise, the temperatures can vary, with winters growing rather chilly and summers reaching heights of 30 degrees or more.

Things to Do

  • Discover local attractions. At every port you'll have the opportunity to explore something new. Whether you're excited to explore the history of Australia and its aboriginal cultures, visit art galleries in Tasmania, discover the Māori cultural sites of New Zealand, or more, there's no shortage of new things to experience.
  • Explore natural beauty. A cruise to Australasia takes you through some of the most stunning places on Earth. From the famously snow-capped landscapes of New Zealand to the red rock formations of Australia's Kimberley region, an Australasia Cruise is absolutely ideal for nature lovers.
  • Visit the Great Barrier Reef. One of the natural wonders of the world, this incredible sight is not to be missed. Scuba diving has to be the best way to explore it, but snorkellers will also have the experience of a lifetime; no cruise to Australasia would be complete without witnessing the magnificent marine life and coral reefs here.
  • Witness the landscape where The Lord of the Rings was filmed. New Zealand's incredible scenery played host to the filming of these iconic movies, and you'll have the chance to see some of this natural splendour for yourself. There's also Hobbiton – the filming set of the Middle Earth location of the same name, where you can take a tour of the Shire in person.
  • Take advantage of local experiences. There are plenty of things to do at your cruise ports that nowhere else in the world can offer. Visit iconic sites like the Sydney Opera House, eat Hangi in New Zealand or witness honoured Māori traditions, and so much more.

Why Book With Kenwood Travel

At Kenwood Travel, we have over 45 years of experience in the art of escape, and we're dedicated to crafting the best possible cruise experience for you. We'll take care of all the details for you, from finding your perfect itinerary to booking, leaving you free to enjoy your Australasia cruise to the fullest. We'll select the best itinerary for your needs and desires, ensuring you have the incredible holiday you've been dreaming of.

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From UNESCO World Heritage sites like Purnululu National Park in the dramatic Kimberleys to the unforgettable splendour of the Great Barrier Reef, your ports of call in Australia will show you some of the best things that Down Under has to offer. Wander through stunning botanical gardens, enjoy the sea views, and take advantage of the rich history and beauty in every corner.

New Zealand

New Zealand

The dramatic beauty of New Zealand holds many wonders. Explore the tranquil landscapes of the Bay of Islands, the diverse cultural melting pot that is Auckland, the ‘Garden City’ that is Christchurch, and the incredible mountain landscapes of Fiordland National Park. Whether you're excited to see the sets of Lord of the Rings or to explore local culture and cuisine, these ports are sure to impress.



Right on the doorstep of natural beauty and cultural wonders alike, Hobart will be your cruise port in Tasmania, nestled beneath the magnificent peak of Mount Wellington. Explore the local Georgian and Victorian architecture at sites like Salamanca Place, visit the Constitition Dock, and so much more.

Pacific Islands

Pacific Islands

Step back in time when you visit some of these incredible Pacific islands. At Papua New Guinea, encounter an incredible cultural experience that will give you a view of the tribal and village life that, for many hundreds of years, has remained largely untouched. Meanwhile, in New Caledonia you'll discover a stronghold of French culture with a strong colonial atmosphere, exploring the sights of the local capital Noumea.

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