Dominica Holidays

The Caribbean island where nature is king

Dominica Holidays

Holidays to Dominica are packed with personality. Towering over the arc of the Caribbean archipelago and perched at its apex, Dominica is the jewel of the Caribbean crown. With the highest peak at nearly 1,500 metres tall, the Caribs that settled here around 1200 AD knew it as “Waitukubuli”, or “tall is her body&rdquo

Today Dominica is a republic in the British Commonwealth, after gaining independence from the UK in 1978. And while the island retains cultural history from British and French colonialism – English and French Creole are the most widely spoken languages – Dominica reserves territory for its much older Carib inhabitants, which comprise 5% of a population of mainly African descent. This preservation of natural order and heritage extends across Dominica’s ethos and into her food, culture and welcoming, lively people.

Luxury Holidays in Dominica

Like the island itself, Dominica’s hotels and resorts retain that distinct sense of adventure. Staff are always friendly, warm and doting; however, you are left to explore in your time and on your own terms.

Many residences are designated ‘eco-lodges’, and share a wonderful synergy with their surroundings. Relax on a veranda amongst lush rainforest and gaze over Pitons that pierce the blue ocean; with the stunning surrounds it is even easy to overlook the luxury cabana perched next to you on the hillside. Such is the seamless integration between the island and islanders.

Diving, hiking and biking packages are often a major draw for adventure-hungry guests. In contrast, many resorts feature natural spas to relax and rejuvenate. Imagine massage tables next to babbling brooks and enveloped by tropical flowers, dazzling every sense.

10 Great Reasons to Holiday in Dominica

  • Unspoilt natural rainforest
  • Perfect beaches of white, golden and jet black sands
  • A nature lover’s dream of rare flora and fauna
  • Diving in the coral reefs
  • Scenic and challenging cycle paths
  • Kayaking or River Tubing Layou River
  • Hiking Morne Anglais and Morne Trois Pitons
  • Botanical gardens of Roseau
  • Intricate local handcraft from Roseau Market Plaza and Dame ME Charles Boulevard
  • French Creole cuisine

Things to Do in Dominica

There is no better way to discover Dominica than with a simple stroll. The island is a spider’s web of footpaths that undulate through lush valleys, harmonious villages and across 4,000-foot peaks. Hikers make their own routes to find hidden pools of warm waters and cascades such as Penrice Double Waterfalls, Trafalgar Falls or Victoria Falls. The more adventurous might venture further through volcanic territory to discover the Boiling Lake or take on The Morne Trois Pitons Trail – no easy hike, but a worthy reward from the summit of this three-peaked mountain. If you prefer, many of these trails can be followed by bike.

Dominica boasts wonders of the natural world seldom seen elsewhere. In the nights from March until October, the experience of a lifetime awaits as one watches sea turtles wash up to nest on Rosalie Beach, including the enormous and beautiful Leatherback Turtle.

Head out into the ocean meanwhile, and experience the unparalleled spectacle of whale watching! Whales and dolphins in fact take residence in the waters around Dominica all year and the island is a hub of activity for Humpbacks, Minke Whales and Orcas. However the resident celebrities are a group of Sperm Whales living 3,000 feet in the depths below, occasionally popping up for snacks and some very lucky snaps.

Watersports are the order of many Dominican days. Tubing, yachting, Scuba diving and snorkelling for all levels and abilities; kayaking and river rapid rafting and more are all available.

The nightlife might not be the buzzing 24-hour party of some Caribbean islands, but Dominica holds various festivals and carnivals year round bringing together the vibrant colours and culture of the island. A highlight is DOMFESTA, a celebration of art, dance and theatre.

Interesting Facts about Dominica

  • Area – 754 square kilometres
  • Population – 71,684 (2012)
  • Currency – East Caribbean Dollar (XCD) – at time of printing (Feb 2013) 1 GBP = 4.43 XCD


Dominica experiences its dry season from January to May, with rains from June to December. The island can get as much as 7.6 metres in annual rainfall although the patterns are unpredictable. Temperatures generally average around the mid- to late-20s Celsius, although cooler at altitude.

Dominica Holidays 2024 / 2025

For those looking to book early, we are now offering holidays to Dominica for 2024 & 2025 including fantastic all inclusive holidays, weddings and honeymoons so book early to avoid disappointment.

Want to do something different? We can help and even tailor-make your perfect holiday! We have options galore, simply call us on 0207 749 9245 and start the journey to your dream holiday today.

Top Picks

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5* out of 5 stars

Discover your Caribbean paradise at this gorgeous resort, where a treehouse-style spa and gorgeous ocean views are only two of the many wonders you'll experience.

Fort Young

4* out of 5 stars

Old world charm meets contemporary style in the waterfront Fort Young Hotel & Dive Resort – something of a Dominican stalwart. 

Secret Bay

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Awarded #1. Resort in the Caribbean' by Travel + Leisure, World's Best Awards 2020, expect to experience beach life, natural wonders, Caribbean charm and more at Secret Bay.


Useful information

  • Local time GMT -4hours
  • Currency US$
  • Language English
  • Location Windward Islands
  • Flying time 15hours & 20minutes (1 stop)

Destination map


Things to do

Boiling Lake

Boiling Lake

Boiling Lake, found on the Caribbean island of Dominica, is a flooded fumarole from a volcano - the second largest of its kind in the whole world. Measuring a whopping 200 feet wide, the lake is shrouded with vapour and the surface of the water furiously bubbles as the molten magma brings it to the boil below the surface. Breathtaking, beautiful, and not to be missed, Boiling Lake is a true natural gem.

The hike to Boiling Lake is both intense and rewarding. It’s best to hire a guide to lead you on your trail - not only for safety and supervision, but for information. Your hiking guide should be able to provide you with all the fascinating details you need about the Boiling Lake and the flora and fauna surrounding it.

Papillote Tropical Gardens

Papillote Tropical Gardens

Papillote Tropical Gardens are a feast for the senses with a cornucopia of bright and fragrant plants spread over 10 lush acres. Budding botanists and full-blown nature obsessives will be able to lose themselves in the exotic trees, shrubs, and blossoms - from bamboo to bromeliads and begonias.

It’s not just thriving and colourful plantlife that visitors at the Papillote Tropical Gardens have the pleasure of witnessing. You will also have the chance to encounter vibrant birds, butterflies, frogs and lizards. Alternatively grab a bite to eat at the Rainforest Restaurant or soak in the natural hot pool.

Poz Restaurant & Bar

Poz Restaurant & Bar

Kick back and relax at Poz Restaurant & Bar at Calibishie Gardens, which is named after the owner’s ‘poz-itivity’. Welcoming and ambient, you’re invited to unwind over a long meal of Cajun, Creole, and Caribbean fare. Dive into a hearty bowl of callaloo soup, crank up the heat with curry served with rice and peas, ensure you stop to sample some super-fresh seafood, or simply opt for a refreshing fruit juice or cocktail.

There is even a small swimming pool next to the open pavilion dining area, ideal for both adults and children to cool off before or after their meal. Absolutely one of the most popular restaurants on the island for its friendly service and lively atmosphere, we recommend you make a table reservation in advance to avoid waiting.