Southeast Asia Cruises

Incredible natural beauty and rich cultural wonders

Discover coasts lined with soft, serene sandy beaches along the turquoise waters, and perfect lagoons beckoning you in. The rivers lead inland to vibrant forests and sprawling mountains, with waterfalls and breathtaking scenery accompanying some of the most beautiful cities and temples on Earth. Explore the cultural marvels of every port in the architecture, arts, history and cuisine, experiencing every inch of beauty and diversity to be found.

Handcrafted Cruise Packages

Up to $2,000 per suite shipboard credit

14 Nights Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam Holiday

  • 20 Dec 2024 - 04 Jan 2025
  • 14 Nights Seabourn Encore
  • 1 Nights in Hong Kong
  • Fly Cruise

15 nights including British Airways flights from £8,840 per person

Helpful Tips to Know Before You Go

  • The majority of the Asian continent experiences two major seasons: the wet season and the dry season. As most of these countries lie close to the equator, you can expect quite warm weather year-round, but it's a good idea to check when monsoon season is for your favoured ports of call. Bringing waterproofs is a good plan.
  • Unlike some parts of the world, there isn't much of a tipping culture in most Southeast Asian countries. Tips aren't expected in restaurants and bars. However, tour guides, porters and housekeepers in hotels will be used to receiving tips – it would be polite to tip them when you can.
  • While Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted at major tourist destinations in Southeast Asia, you will likely need cash for street vendors, taxi drivers, small restaurants, and so on. Be sure to keep local currency on hand, and plan ahead of time, as access to an ATM is not always guaranteed.
  • There are many different cultures across the Asian continent and it's a good idea to learn how to behave respectfully. When visiting a temple or shrine in particular, cover your arms and legs, don't stare at people praying, and don't photograph monks or other staff unless you have permission. You will often need to take shoes off when touring interior spaces, and should avoid displaying the soles of your shoes anywhere on the grounds.
  • Bring an outfit that covers your shoulders and knees, as this is standard dress in many Southeast Asian countries. Take a scarf or shawl along to have extra options for covering up if you need to.

Things to Do

  • Enjoy the water. Southeast Asian destinations are famous for their gorgeous lagoons, beaches and rivers, with plenty to explore. Kayak through mangrove forests, snorkel in utterly serene seas, or take boat tours of surrounding sights near your ports of call.
  • Sample incredible food. There’s something remarkable to discover in every Asian country’s cooking, and Southeast Asia boasts some of the best. From mouthwatering Thai dishes like Satay or Pad Thai to sumptuous Malay or Vietnamese specialities, you’ll be eating well on your cruise. Make sure to visit local restaurants and food stalls to get the best experience.
  • Admire stunning natural beauty. Southeast Asia is well known for its gorgeous scenery, with turquoise Thai waters, the breathtaking mountain vistas that surround Laos, and so much more to discover. Marvel at magnificent waterfalls and serene lagoons, lush forests and idyllic beaches…and keep your camera ready.
  • Kick back and relax. When surrounded by such beauty, there’s extra incentive to take life easy and enjoy the tranquil surroundings. Spend some quality time on a soft sandy beach, enjoying a dip in the perfect crystal-clear waters whenever you please, and basking in the warm sun.
  • Discover cultural marvels. Southeast Asia is famed for its fantastic cultures, and you’ll have no end of ways to explore them. Visit incredible temples, including world wonder temple complex Angkor Wat, or tour famous landmarks and statues in the ports you visit. Attend vibrant festivals, party with the locals, or just swing by a museum to enjoy local arts and history.

Why Book With Kenwood Travel

Your cruise to Southeast Asia should be an unforgettable experience, and at Kenwood Travel, we’re dedicated to making sure that’s exactly what you get. With decades of experience in crafting the perfect cruises, our experts will be on hand to help you with everything you need, offering advice on picking your itinerary, making travel plans, and anything else that will ensure your Southeast Asia cruise is the incredible time you deserve. ATOL and ABTOT protection ensure you can rest easy, knowing your getaway is in safe hands.

Ports of Call & Places to Explore



A country of renowned tranquillity and hospitality, ports like Bangkok offer a fantastic glimpse of Thai culture. Visit a beautiful local temple, or take a tour of one of the famous floating markets, where colour and scent and sound all form a vibrant atmosphere along the market waters. Bangkok is also very well-connected, giving you plenty of options to extend your cruise into a trip inland.



When you make port in Vietnam, every city has its own marvels to discover. Visit botanical gardens, learn about harrowing recent history at the War Remnants Museum, or haggle for beautiful wares in the markets. In Ho Chi Minh City, you’ll stroll through a blend of French and Asian architecture, with beautiful pagodas and a stunning landmark cathedral sharing the city together. With delicious eateries and fantastic sights on every corner, this is a worthy addition to any itinerary.



Best known for the iconic Angkor Wat temple complex, the largest religious structure in the world, calling at Cambodia will provide a fantastic sea-focused stop on your cruise. When you’re done with the temple trip, take guided snorkelling tours in the shimmering waters or kayak amongst the roots of a mangrove forest. The Mekong river offers opportunity for taking your cruise inland along its waters, traversing Cambodia and Vietnam in turn.



The Laos cruise port of Luang Prabang is a beautiful and historic town, sitting on the peninsula found at the Nam Khan and Mekong river confluence. A blend of two distinct cultures, the town itself is classed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Surrounded by mountains and stunning river scenery, this port is fantastic for anyone interested in arts, culture, history and incredible natural beauty, with the Irrawaddy River running through Laos and onwards to Myanmar, for further options to extend your cruise along the rivers.



Stop by Malaysia in cities like Kuala Lumpur, where the melting pot of Malay, Chinese and Indian cultures makes for a rich and vibrant experience. Taste your way through the cuisines of multiple ethnicities, visit an Islamic Arts museum, tour the gorgeous Perdana botanical gardens, and discover all that Malaysia has to offer.



Discover the wonders of the Philippines in port cities like Manila, the Philippine Capital that never sleeps. From the iconic and colourful ‘jeepney’ taxis to the Pasgsanjan Falls outside the city, making port here will pave your way to utterly unforgettable sights and experiences.



There’s so much to discover in Singapore, from Gardens by the Bay, whose lights and architectural Supertree Grove are something you’ll never forget, to the cable car rides that offer spectacular views. Top it off with a signature Singapore Sling drink and you’ll be set. Singapore is also a gateway to many other destinations inland and abroad, making it an excellent port to choose to add on something extra to your holiday.

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