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A land of unbridled beauty and rich heritage

Stunning New Zealand, home to some of the richest natural beauty in the world, is an unforgettable destination for anyone… but experiencing it from your cruise ship is something special indeed. Called Aotearoa by its original Māori inhabitants, who settled the country over a millennium ago, these islands boast a rich history and heritage to discover on your cruise, as well as some of the most gorgeous scenery imaginable. Gasp at fjords and mountains, glimpse iconic wildlife like the kea or kakapo, take hikes and tours of the local area, visit a beach, and so much more. The wonders of New Zealand never end, whether you stick to the cities or look to nature for your joy.

Helpful Tips To Know Before You Go

  • New Zealand weather can vary depending on seasonality. On average, its North is warmest, and its South coldest, with the latter reaching temperatures as low as -10°c during winter. Coastal New Zealand, such as you’ll see on your cruise, tends to have milder weather, but if you want to cruise the country at its warmest you’ll want to go in January and February.
  • If you want to avoid the summer crowds, you may wish to cruise in autumn instead, when the weather is mild but there aren’t as many visitors. This ‘shoulder season’ runs from March to May.
  • The currency is New Zealand Dollars. Cash is accepted everywhere, but card is widely accepted in most places too. When you pay with cash, please be aware that prices will be rounded up or down to the closest multiple of 10 cents, due to the lack of certain small coins.
  • The greatest wonders of New Zealand are in nature. It’s recommended to come prepared for hiking, with good boots, plenty of suncream, and insect repellent to guard against sandflies.
  • Certain shore attractions are extremely popular, especially in the busy summer months. Wherever possible, book these very far in advance to avoid disappointment.

Things to Do

  • Sample local food. Some Māori traditional foods remain popular to this day, such as the delicious hāngī, meat and veg seasoned and cooked in an underground oven. Other local staples and delicacies include lobster and crayfish, a sea urchin called Kina, whitebait fritters, and sweet treats called jaffas. 
  • Discover Māori culture. The rich heritage of the Māori people is a critical and vibrant part of Aotearoa, and any cruise here should take advantage of the cultural experiences available. Attend a Haka war dance, view beautiful Māori art and sculpture, or choose to visit one of many of the informative museums on offer. 
  • Visit Lord of the Rings filming sets. Chosen by the film directors for its raw and untamed landscape, New Zealand is home to sites where much of The Lord of the Rings and subsequent related movies were filmed. This includes Hobbiton, a recreation of the same-named region of the Shire from Tolkien’s universe, where you can visit Hobbit ‘smials’ as well as iconic sets like The Green Dragon.
  • Hike in the wilderness. The stunning landscapes of New Zealand are certain to take your breath away, and no cruise here would be complete without seeing them in person. Take a hike of your choice to be blessed with views of mountains, fjords, geysers, lakes, waterfalls, and more. Truly, the natural beauty here must be seen to be believed.
  • Discover incredible wildlife. As an island nation, Aotearoa is home to some unique and iconic wildlife. Highly endangered and beloved birds like the kiwi call this land home, with others like kakapo and kea making the bucket list of many birders. Royal Albatross also nest here, and an assortment of seals, dolphins, penguins and whales play in the New Zealand waters.
  • If you have the opportunity, visit a glowworm cave. Glowworms make their homes in damp, overgrown areas, with some caves boasting glittering colonies that span the entire ceiling, providing an underground starscape of bioluminescent light.

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At Kenwood Travel, we’re passionate about providing the very best holiday experiences to our customers, using the fullest extent of our expert knowledge to ensure the very best New Zealand cruising getaway for you. We’ll take care of every detail you need, from visas to arranging flights, and can advise you on picking the New Zealand cruise itinerary that’s perfect for you. Whatever you’re most looking forward to in your cruise to New Zealand, we’re excited to make it happen. Get in touch, and we’ll help you plan the voyage of a lifetime.

Ports of Call & Places to Explore



Standing as New Zealand’s biggest city and seaport both, this port of call is a necessity in any New Zealand cruise. Surrounded by outstanding mountainous scenery, the skyline of this city is fringed with mountain peaks, providing the perfect backdrop for any photos and sightseeing. Ascend the Sky Tower for its epic panoramic views, engage in a thrill-seeker’s adventure like bungee jumping at Harbour Bridge, take a hike into the surrounding scenery, visit a local museum, and so much more.



Placed amongst lush forested hills, the picturesque harbour of Wellington and the city at large have much to offer a New Zealand cruiser. Explore iconic sites like the national Te Papa Museum, visit one of the trendy local cafés or take a trip on the renowned red cable car. Several sites used in Lord of the Rings filming are dotted around the city, perfect for tours, and the incredible conservationist spectacle of Zealandia awaits very close by your cruise terminal.

Milford Sound

Milford Sound

Described as the ‘Eighth Natural Wonder’ of the world, the iconic fjord Milford Sound is home to utterly breathtaking views and an array of remarkable wildlife that represent some of the best of what New Zealand has to offer. Even ships that don’t stop here will often cruise into this sound, something which you absolutely must be on deck for; the views aren’t to be missed. Those stopping by the sound can enjoy a range of spectacular hikes, or visit the underwater observatory.



Called the architectural capital of New Zealand, Dunedin boasts some of the land’s richest heritage, standing upon centuries of history. Victorian and Edwardian buildings stand proud to this day, giving the city a unique and beautiful vibe. This city is also located on the Otago Peninsula, which is famous as the only mainland breeding colony of northern royal albatross – an intriguing opportunity for nature lovers, who may wish to visit the Royal Albatross Centre.



Overseen by the peak of Mount Maunganui, Tauranga is rich in natural beauty and wonder, with stunning beaches and sublime views all around. Rich in Māori history, this is a great place to learn about the history and heritage of the original inhabitants of New Zealand. Check out the varying signs of the region’s geothermic activity, like the mud pools, geysers and natural hot springs, then take a Lord of the Rings tour to Hobbiton to wander the iconic hills of the hobbits.

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