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Your Caribbean paradise awaits

A pristine jewel in a turquoise sea, Curaçao boasts all you could wish for – good weather, pristine beaches, and a laid-back vibe that guarantees a relaxing getaway. From the secluded coves to the shimmering ocean waters, every inch of this island is a paradise well-worth the trip.

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Sandals Royal Curaçao

5* out of 5 stars

At Sandals Royal Curaçao, you'll experience the vibrant spirit of the Caribbean in total luxury, with fantastic views of the tropical waters and sandy beach.

7 nights All Inclusive including American Airlines flights from £2,795 per person

Take an unforgettable trip to Curaçao

Perfectly-placed in the Southern Caribbean, the gorgeous island of Curaçao lies between Europe and the Americas, benefiting from lovely sunny weather all through the year. The country's coast is studded with soft sandy beaches, often in picturesque and secluded coves that make for a perfect sunbathing experience. Beneath the waves, a cornucopia of life and colour awaits, with stunningly vibrant coral reefs providing the ideal setting for snorkellers or divers. The beautiful local towns and villages aren't to be missed either, with the relaxed culture and picturesque architecture offering countless attractions for tourists.

Luxury holidays to Curaçao

If you've been craving a sumptuous holiday experience to wash your troubles away, Curaçao has you covered. A variety of stunning 5-star hotels make their homes here, each of them providing an oasis of indulgence and top-tier quality in every aspect of their service. Imagine laying back on a sunbed on your resort's private beach, with staff catering to your every whim, bringing refreshments and icy treats as you please. From the indolence of the resort spas to the delectable tastes of the restaurants, every day in your Curaçao resort will be a feast for your senses. With accommodation including a gorgeous range of rooms, suites and villas that boast breath-taking sea and garden views, you'll be staying in the lap of luxury. 

5 great reasons to holiday in Curaçao

• Gorgeous beaches to relax on
• Spectacular coral reefs to snorkel around
• Famously friendly locals
• Beautiful UNESCO World Heritage city Willemstad
• Enormous national parks to discover

Things to do on your Curaçao holiday

There are so many ways to fill your days in Curaçao, with enough variety for anyone. Those who love the sea will be especially pleased, with the huge array of watersports as well as diving and snorkelling sites available. Take a hike in the massive Christoffel Park, visit the colourful capital city of Willemstad, discover the famous local beaches, and so much more. There are tours available that will help you see the best of the country, whether fishing, history, art, cuisine or nature is your desire. You'll not run out of incredible things to explore here.

Interesting facts about Curaçao

• Area – 444 sq. kilometres
• Population – 152,000
• Currency – Netherlands Antillean Guilder
• Capital city – Willemstad
• Part of the Royal Dutch Kingdom in the 'Dutch Caribbean' since 2010
• A common (albeit unproven) story called it 'Ilha de Curação' – Island of Healing – due to supposed Portuguese and Spanish sailors recovering from scurvy there

Curaçao weather

Curaçao enjoys sun year-round, with no heavy rain season at all; the driest months are February through June, where sometimes the country will not see any rainfall whatsoever. This island is lucky to lay outside the Hurricane Belt and as such doesn't experience a hurricane season either, making it very unlikely to experience severe weather. The Caribbean Hurricane Season runs from the start of June to the end of November, during which time Curaçao experiences less wind than usual. Temperature averages around 27°C throughout the year, frequently above 30°C. The average water temperature of 27°C is ideal for swimming, helping you cool off from sunbathing without being too cold.

Curaçao holidays in 2024 /2025

If you're excited for a Curaçao holiday in 2025 or 2024, get in touch: you'll want to book as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Our holiday experts are always happy to help you find the best deals for your getaway, and we'll make sure everything is utterly perfect for you. Whether you're searching for last-minute deals or planning ahead, our range of Curaçao resorts is sure to provide all the sun and beachside bliss you could ask for, with the sea right at your doorstep.

Curaçao weddings & honeymoons

With the soft sandy beaches, stunning sea views and gorgeously luxurious resorts, Curaçao is ideal for anyone seeking a Caribbean destination wedding or honeymoon. With a range of beautiful resorts to choose from, you can be sure you'll be taken care of for your ceremony and honeymoon, with plenty of luxury and superb surroundings ensuring that you and your beloved have the most romantic time imaginable. Whether you prefer an intimate and private ceremony or to invite your friends and family, Curaçao is the paradise you've been searching for.

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Sandals Royal Curaçao

5* out of 5 stars

At Sandals Royal Curaçao, you'll experience the vibrant spirit of the Caribbean in total luxury, with fantastic views of the tropical waters and sandy beach.

Zoëtry Curaçao Resort & Spa

5* out of 5 stars

An oasis of peace and tranquillity set on the beautiful island of Curaçao. Enjoy luxurious suites, a la carte restaurants, and fantastic spa facilities. 


Useful information

  • Local time GMT (-4)
  • Currency Netherlands Antillean Guilder
  • Language Dutch, Papiamento, English
  • Location South America
  • Flying time 12 hours & 15 minutes

Things to do

Cas Abao Beach

Cas Abao Beach

Fringed by verdant palm trees, the famous white sands of Cas Abao beach ebb into waters as bright and clear as jewels, veiling a whole world of vibrant coral reefs beneath. This full-service beach was voted one of the 21 best beaches of the world, and given its incredible beauty, it's easy to see why. With a beach bar and restaurant close at hand, you'll be well-provisioned for your visit, and any divers will be able to make use of the dive shop on-site as well. Perfect for those seeking relaxation as well as snorkellers or divers, Cas Abao beach is a fantastic item on anyone's Curaçao to-visit list.

Willemstad City

Willemstad City

The capital city of Curaçao, Willemstad is renowned for its gorgeous and iconic sights. A UNESCO World Heritage site, the long and storied past of Willemstad will delight any history fans, and the beautiful pastel-coloured buildings make a picture as pretty as can be. Take a walk through the city to appreciate its colourful Dutch architecture, swim with dolphins at the shore, sample local delicacies at the many restaurants and eateries, and so much more. The soul of Curaçao lives in Willemstad, and a holiday here won't be complete without a visit.

Airplane Wreck Diving

Airplane Wreck Diving

One among many stunning Curaçao dive sites, this one is as it is called – a wreck of a small aeroplane, now home to innumerable marine flora and fauna. Take a dive to see the corals built up around the metal chassis of the plane, or snorkel from above to look down at the many colours of the wreck beneath you. 

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