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Discover the soul of Cyprus

The longest continually-inhabited region of Cyprus, Larnaca boasts a superbly long and rich history to complement the fantastic climate and scenery that the country is so loved for. If you’ve been craving a fantastic Cyprus holiday, there’s no city better than Larnaca.

Prepare for your Larnaca getaway

Every one of Larnaca’s ten thousand years of history are evident in the city’s breadth, with hundreds of years of varied civilisations and cultures leaving their mark on the architecture, culinary traditions, and everything else. The best of all worlds, Larnaca is the most centrally-placed of all Cypriot cities, providing not only a spectacular destination in and of itself, but also a peerless gateway to the rest of Cyprus. Every inch of the coastline is a testament to the gorgeous waters and beaches of the country, with plenty of places to kick back or enjoy the waves. For culture, history, enjoyment and more, there’s nowhere quite like Larnaca. 

Luxury holidays to Larnaca

When you holiday in Larnaca, you have so many fantastic luxury resorts to choose from. Picture poolside paradises with the beach only a short walk away, where the surroundings are gorgeously-sculptured to elegant perfection. Look forward to the true luxury treatment with sumptuous suites and rooms where you can relax to the fullest, some with special butler services and extra inclusions to sweeten the deal. From delectable food to top-quality service, every aspect of your Larnaca luxury holiday will be a dream.

5 great reasons to holiday in Larnaca

  • All the best aspects of a Cyprus holiday
  • Amazing salt lakes, where flamingos migrate
  • The nearby Troodos mountains
  • Gorgeous coastline with sandy beaches
  • Beautiful rural villages
  • Things to do on your Larnaca holiday

Larnaca’s beauty thrives in every corner, from the beautiful rural villages at its edges to the trails into the mountains, and so much more. Enjoy active and bustling communities where the festivals, arts, museums and crafts all provide an abundance of life and colour to discover. Sample local delicacies and fine dining, as well as delicious wines and beverages, enjoying the beautiful weather and scenery at once. Visit the famous salt lakes where flamingos return every year, or go hiking on the stunning Troodos mountain trails, appreciating the wonders of nature. Let yourself go and experience famous parties and nightlife in places like Ayia Napa, delighting in the celebratory atmosphere and warm summer air. One thing is for sure: whether you prefer to relax or explore, Larnaca has it all.

Interesting facts about Larnaca

  • Population – 144,200
  • Currency – the Euro (€)
  • The name ‘Lanarca’ originates from an ancient Greek word meaning coffer, chest, box, or even sarcophagus
  • The salt in the Larnaca Salt Lakes used to be scraped and used for culinary purposes
  • Larnaca is the third-largest city in Cyprus

Larnaca weather

This city enjoys the balmy sunshine typical of the Mediterranean climate, with around 340 days of sunshine each year. The summers are long and warm, spanning from May to October and boasting average temperatures of 34°c. Winter is short and mild, lasting from December to February with averages of 13°c. 

Larnaca holidays in 2024/2025

For anyone searching for a fantastic 2024 or 2025 holiday, Larnaca will provide. We can help you find the best deals for your getaway to Larnaca, whether you want to travel this year or next, and we’ll make sure you find the resort that’s just right for you. If you want to bring the whole family to this Cypriot paradise, our travel experts will pick out the best family-friendly offers for you, or if you just want a trip away with your friends or partner, we have so many fantastic options. Get in touch as early as possible to avoid disappointment, and prepare for the Larnaca getaway of your dreams. 

Larnaca weddings & honeymoons

Cyprus is known as the ‘Island of Love’ for its connection with the Ancient Greek goddess Aphrodite, and the gorgeous city of Larnaca embraces that connection to the fullest. From the beautiful beaches and waters to the warm and romantic summer nights, Larnaca fosters a perfect atmosphere for any wedding or honeymoon, with so many stunningly-lovely places for a wedding ceremony. We’ll help you pick the perfect resort for your special destination wedding, with wedding and honeymoon packages that will guarantee an experience to cherish the memory of forever.

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Things to do

Larnaca Salt Lakes

Larnaca Salt Lakes

A famed attraction for locals and tourists alike, the four salt lakes of Larnaca cover an area of over 2km sq., with scenic nature paths available for you to stroll and appreciate the scenery. You won’t be the only visitors, either; a wide variety of migratory birds, more than 85 species, return again and again to this beautiful place, most famous of whom are the flamingos.These pink-plumed wanderers are an iconic sight at the salt lake, arriving around November each year and staying until March, with their flocks sometimes reaching the tens of thousands in number. To see and appreciate these magnificent birds, as well as many others, there are plenty of bird-watching observation areas and paths around the lakes. A fantastic wonder of nature, and not one to miss.

Visit beautiful mountain villages

Visit beautiful mountain villages

In the stunning area of mountainous Larnaca you’ll discover a European Destination of Excellence, with breathtaking scenery and 18 traditional rural communities studded here and there like jewels in the mountains. These villages, and the mountain trails winding between them, are a popular destination year-round, perfect for hikers and anyone who wants to experience local culture. In the villages themselves you’ll appreciate the wonders of history, dating all the way back to the Neolithic settlers that once lived there, and you’ll enjoy the fruits of the modern-day residents like wines and local delicacies.

Experience the Foinikoudes Promenade

Experience the Foinikoudes Promenade

As a coastal city, Larnaca’s promenade has a lot to offer. Connected seamlessly to the Piale Pasha sea walkway, you can take a stroll through neighbourhoods along the sea where artists work, see the fishing harbour and visit fish taverns, and more. On the main beach strip you can kick back on thewarm sands, take a dip in the ocean, and enjoy the offerings of the many kiosks lining the area. Boat trips are available nearby for itinerant adventurers, and fantastic food outlets line the beach strip a little further from the water. That’s not all, either: plenty of entertainment and attractions are located along the promenade, from the Larnaca Medieval castle to the Seafront Stage.

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