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Sprawling across many of the world's most inspiring regions, the myriad countries of Europe hold untold wonders for any cruiser, with itineraries to suit anyone's dreams. With so many options to explore, you can experience the marvels of Scandinavia, visit Mediterranean and Adriatic, enjoy destinations in the Atlantic, or even take dedicated cruises along some of Europe's most iconic rivers. The Danube and Rhine being the most popular, with the castle-loned Rhine Gorge a highlight. The capital cities along the Danube include Vienna, Bratislave, Budapest and Belgrade which call be visteded in one cruise. It's time to experience the unforgettable sights and spectacles of Europe on your own finely-tailored cruise.

Handcrafted Cruise Packages

Silversea Cruises

Reykjavik to Reykjavik

  • 29 Aug 2024 - 07 Sep 2024
  • 9 Nights Silver Spirit

9 nights from £4,150 per person

Windstar Cruises

James Beard Foundation: Cuisines & Cultures of Spain, Portugal & France

  • 26 May 2024 - 06 Jun 2024
  • 9 Nights Star Legend
  • 2 Nights in Lisbon
  • Fly Cruise

11 nights including British Airways flights from £4,710 per person


5 nights Majestic Capitals Of The Danube

  • 14 Dec 2023 - 22 Dec 2023
  • 5 Nights AmaLea
  • Flights included

8 nights including flights from £2,152 per person

Azamara Cruises

10 Nights Croatia Intensive

  • 25 Jun 2024 - 06 Jul 2024
  • 10 Nights Azamara Journey
  • 1 Nights in Venice
  • Fly Cruise

11 nights including Swiss International Airlines flights from £2,847 per person

Celebrity Cruises

7 nights Greece, Turkey & Italy

  • 18 Jul 2024 - 27 Jul 2024
  • 7 Nights Celebrity Ascent

9 nights from £1,250 per person


7 nights Magna On The Danube - Vilshofen to Budapest

  • 11 Feb 2024 - 18 Feb 2024
  • 7 Nights AmaMagna
  • Flights included

7 nights including flights from £1,780 per person

SeaDream Yacht Club

Nice to Civitavecchia

  • 23 Aug 2024 - 01 Sep 2024
  • 7 Nights SeaDream I
  • 2 Nights in Nice
  • Fly Cruise

9 nights including Scandinavian Airlines flights from £5,358 per person

Windstar Cruises

Comprehensive Iceland Cruise Tour

  • 20 Jun 2024 - 28 Jun 2024
  • 7 Nights Star Pride
  • 1 Nights in Reykjavik
  • Fly Cruise

8 nights including Icelandair flights from £6,936 per person


7 nights Christmas Market on the Danu Vilshofen to Budapest

  • 11 Dec 2023 - 18 Dec 2023
  • 7 Nights AmaBella
  • Flights included

7 nights including flights from £3,016 per person


7 nights Captivating Rhine - Amsterdam to Basel

  • 28 Mar 2024 - 04 Apr 2024
  • 7 Nights AmaSiena
  • Flights included

7 nights including flights from £2,741 per person

Regent Seven Seas Cruises

12 nights Season Of Splendor - Athens to Lisbon

  • 30 Oct 2024 - 12 Nov 2024
  • 12 Nights Seven Seas Splendor
  • 1 Nights in Athens
  • Fly Cruise

13 nights including Swiss International Airlines flights from £5,413 per person

Disney Cruise Line

11 nights Mediterranean with Greek Isles from Civitavecchia

  • 23 Jun 2024 - 05 Jul 2024
  • 11 Nights Disney Dream
  • 1 Nights in Rome
  • Fly Cruise

12 nights including Swiss International Airlines flights from £4,868 per person

Helpful Tips to Know Before You Go

  • Depending on your port of call, you may or may not want to book shore excursions ahead of time. Many cities and locations are incredible to explore even without booking any tours, but others have signature sights or experiences that you'll need to reserve ahead of time. Be sure to think about the things you're most excited about.
  • Come prepared for walking. A European cruise is going to take you to incredible sights you'll want to explore on foot, and that means good walking shoes. Prepare with plenty of sun cream to ensure you don't burn while out and about.
  • Summer heralds the best weather for most of the Europe cruising options, but also the greatest crowds. Decide for yourself when in the year you wish to cruise, and consider choosing the off-season to have a calmer experience of the most popular sites.
  • Come prepared for a variety of dress codes. Some sites and fine dining establishments you may wish to visit may require more covering clothing, so it would be prudent to pack more than just beach-going garb.
  • The wonders of Europe are in the ports. You won't have many days at sea, so be sure to pick an itinerary that's focused on the ports and activities you're truly inspired by.

Things To Do

  • Sample local cuisine. The places you'll be calling at each boast a rich and delicious culinary tradition all of their own, and on your cruise, you'll want to try it all. From fine dining to street food and cafés, there are endless ways to try the local food. Depending on your itinerary, you can savour the foodie delights of the French patisserie, Italian pasta, Spanish paella, the Swedish Kottbullar, plus so many more. 
  • Discover magnificent cultural wonders. Many of the ports you'll stop at are full to bursting with outstanding sights, no matter whether you're choosing a Mediterranean, Scandinavian, Atlantic or river itinerary. Visit the Vatican in Italy, tour landmarks in Lisbon, and so much more.
  • Explore every iconic local experience you can manage. There's so much to discover, from visiting UNESCO world heritage sites to checking out unmissable activities unique to certain ports. Pick your perfect shore activities and do things that can be done nowhere else on Earth.
  • Take walks and tours. So many of the ports you'll call at are made to be discovered on foot, whether by fantastic walking tours of local cities or landmarks or by taking hikes to see outstanding sites of natural beauty. Pack good walking shoes and prepare to witness Europe's wonders unfolding before you.
  • Marvel at the stunning natural beauty of every region you visit. The islands and shores you will see are blessed with mountains, gorgeous rugged cliffs, rolling green hills, pristine stretches of shoreline and so much more. Gaze upon glittering waters or stare at the magnificence of the mountains you'll pass on a river cruise. No matter where in Europe you cruise, there are plenty of reasons to pack a camera.

Why Book With Kenwood Travel

With over 45 years of experience in crafting the best holidays imaginable, you can be sure that your cruise to Europe is in good hands. We'll help you pick the perfect itinerary, whether you're seeking the marvels of the Mediterranean, excited for a river cruise, exploring the Atlantic or more. There are so many incredible Europe cruises to choose from, and we want to make sure yours is utterly perfect for you. Get in touch today, and prepare yourself for the voyage of a lifetime.

Popular Cruises

Scandinavian Cruises

Scandinavian Cruises

Particularly ideal for those who adore the beauty of nature, an itinerary that focuses on key Scandinavian destinations will allow you to see the famous landscapes inherent to this region. Witness the gorgeous fjords of Norway for yourself, behold the beauty of Icelandic shores, and explore the nature and Viking history in Sweden.

Mediterranean Cruises

Mediterranean Cruises

With many sites renowned for their history, cultural marvels, and landmarks, any Europe cruise that calls in the Mediterranean is certain to please. Sample incredible local cuisine in France and Spain, walk around world-famous cities in Italy, and explore the vast wealth of experiences that this region has to offer.

Atlantic Cruises

Atlantic Cruises

Canary Islands, Madeira, the north of Spain, and more. Witness some of the world's oldest architecture in Brittany, tour an incredible array of historic landmarks in Lisbon, sample local cooking in every port, and prepare for the time of your life.

River Cruises

River Cruises

Witness the inland wonders of Europe in an incredible river cruise, forsaking the ocean for the wide rivers that wind across the stunning lands within the continent. Cruise up the Douro in Portugal or the famous Seine of France, stopping at famous ports along the way...or see a stunning range of countries via the Danube or Rhine rivers, which cross 10 and 6 countries respectively.

Adriatic Cruises

Adriatic Cruises

On your Adriatic itinerary, you'll call at gorgeous ports in Greece, Croatia and Turkey, with the famously beautiful beaches and islands in this region providing incredible opportunities for sightseeing. Enjoy sumptuous local food, check out the top sights in every port, and sink into the utterly gorgeous surroundings in style.

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