Tamouda Bay

Beachcombing perfection between the Rif Mountains & Med

Luxury Holidays to Tamouda Bay

Tamouda Bay is tipped as the secret Riviera of Morocco and it’s easy to see why: beautiful, clear waters of the Mediterranean give way to the undiscovered, pristine beaches of the Cap Nord coastline, north eastern Morocco. Moroccans have been enjoying this wonderful region for its natural beauty and fascinating, historical towns and villages since time immemorial; only now have holidaymakers begun to discover its allure.

Five Reasons to Holiday in Tamouda Bay

1. The local cuisine. Heaps of steaming couscous in painted terracotta pots. Slow-cooked tagines filled to the brim with sweet and spicy vegetables as deep and rich in colour as they are in taste, and lamb that falls away from the bone as soon as you set hungry eyes upon it. A real highlight and all great value for money.

2. It's relatively undiscovered. Enjoy an area of beach to yourself and more privacy than your typical luxury resort. Enjoy the jewel of North Africa before it's discovered by the masses.

3. The climate. With over three hundred hours of sunshine a month from May to mid-August, and average temperatures exceeding 23 degrees for the same period, you can guarantee returning home with a healthy tan. If you want to cool off, go for a dip in the Med, but even that is a balmy twenty degrees in the summer months.

4. The authentic cultural experiences. Those looking to take in the real Morocco should look no further. This enclave of culture in the northern tip of Africa will provide a much deeper insight into the day-to-day lives of everyday Moroccans than you could hope for in the more typical tourist destinations such as Marrakesh, Casablanca and Essaouira.

5. The beaches. Tamouda Bay itself boasts one of the longest and most beautiful beaches in the region. A stretch of golden sand and gently lapping water that stretches as far as the eye can see, some ten kilometres from Fnideq in the north to M’diq in the south. It’s so highly regarded in fact that the king of Morocco himself chooses it as his own holiday destination every year. What better praise could there be?

Things to See & Do in Tamouda Bay

Take a day trip to Chefchaouen – The Blue Pearl. Think Santorini but in the rugged expanse of the Rif Mountains. Each building has been splashed with a vivid blue, giving the vista of an ocean-side town lost in the mountains. The story goes that the tekhelel dye used to give the city its famous colour was to remind residents of God’s power, and that celestial feeling remains to this day.

Explore the Rif Mountains. Lush greenery and wild flower-covered rolling peaks stretch into the distance bathed in warm Moroccan sunlight, with the occasional brook or waterfall thrown in for good measure. Head to Akchour and have a guide lead you to a rock formation called God’s Bridge. Stop off for a well-earned lunch of home cooked tagine at one of the trail-side cafes or stands.

Get cultural in Tetouan. A striking, white pearl nestled into the base of the dark green backdrop of the Rif Mountains. Tetouan’s Medina (walled centre) is listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site for its historical significance and architecture. Be sure to visit Dar Sanaa, the artisanal school where you can observe masters (in ancient crafts such as mosaic making, silk work and ornamental carpentry) tutoring their apprentices. From the historical to the contemporary, don’t miss the Tetouan Museum of Modern art. Housed in a recently renovated fortress of a building, it serves as the ideal canvas for the display of local and international pieces.

Get active. For those who don’t want to relax on the beach all day there are opportunities to horse ride in the Rif Mountains, snorkel or dive in the clear waters, enjoy a relaxing round of golf, go jet-skiing or simply take a calming sail on the Mediterranean at sunset.

The Weather in Tamouda Bay

Tamouda Bay sits like a crown at the very north eastern tip of Morocco in the strait of Gibraltar, meaning holidaymakers can expect similar weather to the South of Spain. With average temperatures rarely dropping below 20 degrees for the entirety of the summer months, and average temperatures in July and August maxing out at over 30 degrees, it’s essential sunscreen weather even for the most dedicated sun worshipper.

Interesting Facts about Tamouda Bay

  • Tamouda Bay takes its name from the nearby historical city of Tamuda founded by the Berbers, which was levelled by the Roman emperor Augustus in 42AD.
  • Daniel Craig filmed here for parts of Bond film Spectre.
  • Due to its location the area has a mix of cultural and architectural influences. Spanish, Moorish, Roman influences pervade. It was also a home for Jews and Muslims in exile contributing yet more diverse influence.

Holidays to Tamouda Bay 2024/2025

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Useful information

  • Local time GMT (+1)
  • Currency Moroccan dirham
  • Language Moroccan Arabic (Darija)
  • Location Morocco
  • Flying time 3 hours & 35 minutes

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