Cathay Pacific

Your seat on a Cathay Airline flight comes with cradle technology meaning you benefit from immense comfort and space. There is also a generous amount of storage so you can keep your personal effects close at hand, that is of course if you can tear yourself away from the huge array of entertainment options. 

First Class

One of life's great pleasures is to be treated as an individual. In First Class, you'll find you always have just the right amount of personal attention, interaction and privacy, whenever you want.

Think of First Class as a suite, rather than a seat. With more personal space than ever before, there's even enough room to invite a guest. Awake, you'll enjoy a comfortable seat, exceptional food, incredible entertainment, and mood lighting to enhance your flying experience. Asleep, you'll dream in one of the biggest beds in the sky. And always, our attentive staff are at your beck and call.

First Class features a wonderfully big bed – 81 inches long – that will remind you of sleeping at home. And when you awake, a press of a button will transform it into one of the most comfortable seats in the sky, with massage function, extendable side seat, drop-down armrest, and all the adjustments you could want for a pleasant journey.

Business Class

Wouldn't it be nice to get away from it all and leave your cares behind? You can, in the cosy surroundings of Business Class, with its exceptional comfort and enhanced privacy.

Business Class makes flying a pleasure. Relax in a comfortable seat with massage function and easy access to the aisle. Enjoy more entertainment choices than ever before. Access all your inflight essentials with convenient stowage. There's mood lighting to enhance your flying experience and when it's time to sleep, simply press a button to turn your seat into a perfectly flat bed for a wonderful night's rest.

First things first – let's talk about beds. After all, it's when you lie down that you want all the room you can get, to stretch out, turn over, maybe even curl up a bit, like you do at home. Which means you’ll want a perfectly flat bed with lots of legroom. And that’s exactly what you get in the Business Class – all at the touch of a button.

Economy Class

The first thing you'll notice in Economy Class is that your space really is your space. And then there's the total control you have of your entertainment with the Audio and Video on Demand.

The fixed-back shell seat in the Economy Class ensures that no one in front of you will ever intrude into your space again. So you can relax and enjoy your 9" widescreen TV with StudioCX – featuring a rotating library of 100 movies, 350 TV shows, 888 music CDs, 22 radio channels, and entertainment programmes in nine languages.

You'll be happy as a clam in your new shell seat. Why? Because no one will ever recline into your salad or onto your computer again – they're in their own shell seat. The fixed-back design means that all seat movement is within a shell that doesn’t move whether you're sitting upright or sleeping, so everyone has a protected personal space. And with a LEAP® Live Back™ upholstered seat, it's a very comfortable space, with smooth reclining and an adjustable headrest.